Annual regional retreat for centerwasis “Sadhana. Sewa. Siddhi” (Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, Ukraine, Mongolia, Georgia and Moldova)

Annual regional retreat for centerwasis “Sadhana. Sewa. Siddhi”

(Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, Ukraine, Mongolia, Georgia and Moldova)

July, 2021

“Sadhana. Sewa. Siddhi” (“Intense spiritual endeavour, service and imperishable attainments”). This was the title of a regional retreat for Baba’s server children that took place online in late July. The sadhan, or facilities, of science enabled all the wonderful enthusiastic sadhaks and sewadharis from Russia, CIS, Baltic states as well as Ukraine and Georgia, to get together for sharing their spiritual experience, love and inspirations for the future. For two days and a half, God’s servers from 65 centres of the region were staying threaded in a single rosary by means of Zoom video conference. Time factor was the most challenging one, as all the places are located in different time zones, with time difference up to 7 hours! Therefore a time slot from 10.00am till 14.00pm (Moscow time) was chosen for the classes and interviews with the seniors, group workshops and joint meditations.


Congratulating the participants of the retreat with a lucky opportunity to meet and greet one another, our respected Didi Chakradhari ji described Faith as the foundation of stable spiritual endeavour, selfless service and imperishable success. We should make sure we maintain firm faith in ourselves, Baba, the beneficial World Drama, and our lovely divine family. Didi remembered the sakar Baba’s time when every Brahmin child was told to write a letter of faith a number of times (even 108 times!) We may feel that it is superfluous, however the subtle checking of the self will keep the tree of our Brahmin life safe amidst the storms of Maya and situations.


Taking the subject of sadhana, Didi Sudha explained that the main features of this special type of effort are bhavna (doing that with deep dedication from the heart), regularity, perseverance and discipline. This is true out there, in worldly life, if you aspire to achieve heights in sports, music or any other field, for that matter. This is true in bhakti and even more so on the path of Gyan. Didi said that Sadhana in our Brahmin life is our spiritual effort to awaken the divinity of the soul. We should keep making this effort with love, on a regular basis, without missing a single day. She shared many inspiring examples from her own life of God’s student and server. For instance, Didi said that before conducting a murli class she always reads that day’s murli herself at least 3 times, in Hindi and then in Russian!


At the session about spiritual service, Br. Vijay took us into a deeper dimension of what it means to do God’s sewa. The ultimate goal of our service is to reveal the truth about the Creator and His creation, and we are able to achieve this aim provided we ourselves become the embodiment of true self-awareness in our thoughts, words and actions.


The second day of the retreat started with all the participants going to their respective virtual “rooms” for a workshop that included a lively chit-chat on the topic of attaining Siddhi. And then Santosh Didi shared some invaluable pearls of Baba’s wisdom on the topic. She said that the main Siddhi in our Brahmin life is attainment of lasting happiness and peace, or becoming liberated in life (jeevanmukt). And the way of achieving this type of success is to have an attitude of benevolence, love, co-operation and selflessness, free from anything waste. The challenge is that we are to achieve the goal of jeevanmukti amidst all sorts of obstacles and bondages in today’s iron-aged world. A practical example of Brahma Baba and our ancestor souls shows us the path to follow for reaching the destination.

We were lucky to have the retreat in the month of July when the entire Brahmin family was remembering specialities and service of Didi Manmohini ji. Every day we would learn something new about Didi’s divine dharna. And we could feel Didi’s subtle presence with us during the retreat sessions as well!

Although the retreat took place online, it seemed that nothing was missed from the regular way of our meetings: we had a brief welcoming cultural programme, drishti sessions with the senior yogis, and special time slots for questions and answers. The most touching moments were those of the finale of the retreat when the photo of every participant was appearing on the screen with a special individual blessing for that soul from our beloved BapDada.


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Sadhana. Sewa. Siddhi

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