1-10 July 2021, 7 days Course of Brahma Kumaris

Due to being a challenge every moment, it is becoming difficult to concentrate in studies or any other work. Concentration of mind easily solves every problem and increases our efficiency. Let us know how to concentrate the mind through the practice of Raja Yoga.
*Rajyoga Shivir for Bigginers*
*1-10 July 2021*
05.30 pm to 06.30 pm (IST)
🔤 *Language:*
Hindi & English
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*Organised by:* *Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu*
📞  (WA) +919450057401
Day 1 Meditation and its impact Shreya behn
Day 2 Knowing Mind and its powers dhiraj behn
Day 3  Tools to heal your body *Dr Sachin Parab*
Day 4  Knowledge of Supreme Being kareena behn
Day 5  Communication with Mind and GOD kareena behn
Day 6 Truth of time travel  deepa didi
Day 7 Our Births – Only 84 or 84 lakh? Deepa didi

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