Brahma Kumaris YOG Bhavan (Mumbai-Ghatkopar) Launches Project Sewanjali to Help Divyang People with Ration KITS

Sewanjali – An Initiative of Brahma Kumaris – YOG Bhavan, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Mumbai, 16 May 2021 – While the city is recuperating with the current pandemic – the infection cases are going down and the recovery rate is improving, the medicine and oxygen crisis being managed and the vaccine supplies trying to come to a state of order, there are still the less privileged masses in the city who are struggling to battle the disease as well as coping with their basic needs. It is indeed a hand-to-mouth existence for such people who cannot afford even bare essential needs of living.

Brahma Kumaris – YOG Bhavan at Ghatkopar – Mumbai has time and again been lending a helping hand to these under privileged sections of the society as part of their social activities wherein the blind and the disabled were called upon every year at YOG Bhavan in Ghatkopar and along with nurturing them with words of wisdom that are essential to lead a satisfying life, they were also given ration commodities to support their physical well – being.

However, in the present times when it is not safe to call out large crowds, the Brahma Kumaris have continued their support to these less privileged group by distributing customized kits containing Flour, Tea powder, Sugar, Oil, Soaps etc. directly to their Homes. These kits have been distributed to about 200 families of blind individuals in the Village Vangani interiors of Karjat. These kits were distributed bearing in mind all the rules and regulations of masking, sanitization and social distancing set out by the Government along with formal Police Permission.

Speaking about this initiative Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Nalini Didi Ji – In-charge of Brahma Kumaris Ghatkopar Subzone said “Sharing is Caring – we are fortunate to be safe in our homes and being able to have proper meals, food of our choice.. but these less fortunate souls who are already deprived of a normal life because of physical disability, also need to struggle for a 1-time meal. Hence, as part of the society it is our duty to support them in order to maintain a social equilibrium. We can count on their blessings and smiles in these trying times..”. She urged everyone to help in whatever way they can to needy and deprived souls in their vicinity.

With regards to this Project Sewanjali, Rajyogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj – from Brahma Kumaris Media & Public Relations Services said that ‘ We are not doing any favour by helping anyone, infact we are following the golden principle laid down by mother nature that – Anything in excess should be shared and not stocked. Because, More We Share, More We Will Have.’


Photo Captions :

01-  Essential Items KIT distributed among Blind People

02- Beneficiaries Standing in Que in Open Ground to Collect Their Essential Items KIT

03- 06- Brahmakumari Sister Saraswati From Brahmakumaris YOG Bhavan handing ove KIT to a Beneficiary

07 –  Brahmakumaris Delegation with Representatives of National Federation of Visually Impaired Persons.


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Source: BK Global News Feed

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