Russia Service News: Celebrating the Day of Protectors – St. Petersburg, February, 2021

Russia Service News- Celebrating the Day of Protectors

St. Petersburg, February, 2021

The Day of Protectors of Fatherland is a remarkable festival annually celebrated in Russia in February. Mothers, wives and sisters congratulate their sons, husbands and brothers on this special occasion, making love-filled gifts and reminding them of their sacred duty to protect their near and dear ones from all the evils. In a way, love exchange that happens on this cold winter day reminds us of Raksha Bandhan celebration taking place in hot August! And even the names of the festivals sound similar. Raksha means protection, and this festival in February is the day of all the Rakshaks, or protectors of their family and country.


On the eve of the festival, the Brahma Kumaris Centre in St. Petersburg received very special guests. Mr Vadim Bazykin is a unique helicopter pilot who saved lives of dozens of people in emergency situations in extremely cold Arctic regions. He is also famous for having piloted a helicopter to install a golden angel statue on top of 122m high steeple of Saints Peter and Paul cathedral. Mr Vadim Bazykin became an official partner of the Brahma Kumaris project “7 Billion Acts of Goodness”.

In a heart-to-heart conversation at Lighthouse, he shared his vision of a true hero. “I think it is easier to commit a spontaneous heroic act during a war conflict than to keep sharing love and care with people on a daily basis. This is why our mothers are true heroes. The truth is recognized in silence. A hero is not the one who talks loudly or cleverly. Rather, a hero acts on the basis of love and humility.”

Another guest of Lighthouse, Mr Andrey Zlenko, head of Federal Social Service Program “People Need You”, proved to be a true hero and protector last year, when along with other volunteers he served tirelessly, day and night, providing help to senior citizens at the time of the pandemic. During his visit to Lighthouse he expressed his wish that everyone should realise and practice true love, which is an unlimited attitude of respect and non-violence.


A gorgeous colourful ceremony honouring all the BK brothers, regular practitioners of Raja Yoga, took place the next day. In fact, it had started much earlier, as every brother had received a golden chance to spend any day and a half in Lighthouse from 1 to 23 February, having a powerful yoga bhatti with a unique time-table. Those days spent in complete inner and outer silence in the company of the Supreme provided every brother an opportunity to contemplate on the achievements in their spiritual journey and create a vision for their future progress. And on the special day of the festival every BK brother was decorated with beautiful royal attributes having a deep spiritual significance. A golden armour is symbolic of the golden stage of purity that protects us from attacks of vices and negative influences. This golden dress was tied with a strong belt of a determined thought. And a golden crown became a reminder of being responsible for serving the society through one’s selfless thoughts, words and actions.

Just like in the earlier days of the institution, every brother was photographed both in their white dress and royal attire. This double photo is going to serve as a beautiful reminder of the aim and object of spiritual effort, that is of becoming a personality possessing the royalty of purity in their life.

An entertaining and enlightening cultural program culminated with a powerful drishti and blessings session with Santosh Didi, followed with a special feast.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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