पिताश्री प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा बाबा-दिव्य स्मृति दिवस | 2020

A program conducted on 18 Jan 2021 (Smriti Diwas). Shanti Stamb ki
prikrama lagae gai or brahma baba ko sradhanjali di gai. BK Asha Didi
and BK Swati Didi recalled the days of 1969 and shared the
reminiscence of Brahma Baba’s life with all Brahmin family and
encouraged all Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris to become Angel
like Brahma Baba.

BK Asha Didi Speech: She shared the journey of Dada Lekhraj becoming
Brahma Baba and recalled the life story of Brahma Baba.

DSP Suresh Sharma Speech: ‘By following this path, we can have peace
in our life. Brahma Baba gave us wonderful knowledge, meditation for
being peaceful in life. I am very thankful to Brahma Baba for his
sacrifice and dedication towards the transformation of this world.’

Phool Singh(Ex. EO officer) Speech:- ‘ I feel very peaceful here and will
surely come here for listening the knowledge which is given and for
practising meditation. ‘

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BK Swati Didi Speech: This day is very special. It is the day of
“sampoornata”. It reminds us the “Tyag & Tapsya” of Brahma Baba.
The example of Brahma Baba becoming the first angel fills us with
power and the will of becoming angel like him gets ignited in us.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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