Felicitation Program on New Year-2021

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Auspicious Greetings for the New Year from Mysuru Parivar,
As a part of New Year celebrations, a few important persons were felicitated at Yadavagiri Centre, Mysuru on 1st Jan 2021. The dignitaries who participated in the event are:
1. Smt. Rohini Sindhuri, District Collector, Mysuru District
2. A. Nagendra, MLA, Mysuru
3. H.V.Rajiv, Chairman, Mysore Urban Development Authority, Mysuru
4. Dr.Natesh, Commissioner, MUDA
5. Savitha, Secretary, MUDA
6. Srihari, Chairman, GSS Group of Companies
7. Jayasimha, Joint Director, Mysore City Corporation
8. Dr. Manjunath, Orthopedic Surgeon & Chairman, Manasa Hospital
9. Dr. Shilpa, Asst Prof, JSS Medical College
10. Dr. Nandalal, Dental Surgeon
11. Dr. Ravi Puranik, Consultant Physician, Apollo Hospitals
12. Prabhu, Vice President, Advocates Association, Mysuru
13. Smt.Pooja w/o Mr. Agarwal, Divisional Railway Manager, Mysuru
14. Dr.A.R. Seetharam, Founder President, Paramahamsa Yoga Therapy Centre
15. Dr. Geeta Seetharam, Well known Writer and Musician

Following are the excerpts from greetings by a few of the above speakers
1. Rohini Sindhuri, District Collector, Mysuru District:
“I am happy to know that Brahma Kumaris are teaching value education to which people can earn livelihood and also transform themselves in a positive way. I wish more people will get this education during the next year.”

2. A.Nagendra, MLA: “I am associated with this institution since many years though not as a disciple , but as an admirer of the benevolent deeds you have been doing. I hope that the new year brings all of us new ideas and a better life than the previous one”

3. H.V.Rajiv, Chairman, MUDA: “ I am happy to be here on this occasion. When the outside public celebrated and welcomed new year in the dark of the night, we are here celebrating in broad daylight which itself shows the positive intent of this organization”

4. Srihari, Chairman, GSS Group of Companies: “The ambience in this hall represents the activity that takes place here. Meditation can bring peace and happiness into man’s mind taking away the stress and the tribulations that they experience in worldly life. This reminds me of the Gurukulas of yester years.”

5. Dr.Ravi Puranik, Consultant Physician, Apollo Hospitals: “Physical health depends to a certain extent on the quality of our thoughts. Quality of thoughts in turn depends on the inputs we receive and the experiences we undergo every day. Therefore, the spiritual teachings that are offered here and the lifestyle changes that are imparted go a long way in promoting health of the society.”

6. Prabhu, Vice President, Advocates Association: “There is so much sorrow in the society which is an image of the sorrow in the minds of the people. Advocates and judges strive hard to alleviate the suffering by delivery of justice, but in fact the agony is increasing many folds. Spirituality is the best way to redeem suffering from the minds of the people.”

7. Dr.A.R. Seetharam, Founder President, Paramahamsa Yoga Therapy Centre: “I am very much impressed by the quality of service being rendered at Brahma Kumari centres. Sisters here are adept at teaching meditation and values in life. When these values are imbibed in our lives we can experience a lot of happiness. Though we have experienced certain difficulties in our lives during last year it has also taught us patience and perseverance. Let us all hope that the ensuing year brings joy for every citizen.”

Rajyogini BK Lakshmiji, Chief Coordinator of Mysuru SubZone wished everyone the best of times in the coming days. She felicitated all the guests with bouquets and gifts. Program ended with a session of Rajyoga Meditation.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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