Dy.Supdt. of police.(retd), West Bengal.
I was born in a remote village called Kagey Basti under the then Kalimpong Sub-division of British ruled Darjeeling District in the year 1934. My father was a landlord and the Chief of the village. He had two wives and from these two wives had ten sons and seven daughters. Out of these seventeen children, I was the twelfth one in the family. During that time, there was only one small primary school in the village where there were few children 15-20 only upto Class 4. After passing Class 4, children had to go away from the village for further studies which was not possible for everybody in those days. So after completing Class 4, generally the children of the village left further studies and got engaged in agricultural work. All my brothers and sisters did the same but my parents sent me away from the village for further studies at a place called St. Geoge’s Middle English School, Pedong, where I completed my class 8 study. Then in 1952, I completed my Class 10 study, then called Matriculation Examination successfully from a High School named Kumudini Homes in Kalimpong Sub-division.
At that time, there were no colleges in Kalimpong, and those who wanted to go ahead for further studies had to go to Dist. Capital Darjeeling, where there were three colleges namely St. Joseph’s college, North Point, Government College and Loreto College. Otherwise, we had to go to Siliguri or Kolkata compulsorily which was possible only for the well to do or rich people. Rest of the general people had to drop out their idea of sending their children for higher studies. So the only option was to look for a clerical job or remain engaged in agricultural work for their whole life.
In my case, I opted for joining Air Force, Navy, or Army, but my parents did not allow me. They told me to join West Bengal Police, as their dream was to see me as a Police Officer, but only the graduates were eligible to apply for officers post. My only option remained to join police as an ordinary Sepoy which was against my wish or dream. So, just to please my loving parents, I joined the Police department in 1953, as an ordinary Sepoy, though crying inwardly.
By the end of 1953, I completed the police training college and joined the duty at Darjeeling in 1954. I was supposed to complete criteria of five years service in the rank to be eligible to get departmental permission to appear in the examination for promotion. But considering my good record of performance my supreme boss, overruling all the normal procedures, permitted me to sit in the competitive departmental examination for promotion to higher rank in 1955. Subsequently, I passed the examination the same year and got promotion fulfilling all the promotional criteria. Again, I got further promotion in the higher rank in 1962, then again another higher rank in 1973 and finally in 1988, I became the Deputy Superintendent of Police, West Bengal. In between these years, sometime in 1985, I was awarded the President’s Gold Medal for meritorious and distinguished service and I retired from service at the end of 1992 when I was only 58 years young.
After retirement, I spent two years in settling my family. During these two years, different political parties approached me to join the politics as my reputation was very good in the district and there was fair chance to even win the election. But, I showed no interest in politics as I had very bitter experiences during my 40 years of service in police.
Later on, I decided to spend my retired life in social work and started getting associated in various social organizations since 1994 and still continuing. In course of my social activities, I came in touch with many religious organization leaders viz. Hindu pundits, Buddhist monks, Church priest and pastors and even some Islamic priests. I used to place topics for discussion and sharing their ideas, views and experiences. For example points on topics like : –
1) Hell and Heaven. 2) Sin and Virtue. 3) What happens after the death of a person- whether he/she gets human birth or something else like animals. 4) Why followers of different religions perform rituals and prayer and whether their prayers are accepted by God and grant favour to them. 5) What happens to those who never perform rituals and never pray to God? Are they punished by God and in what forms? 6) Our purpose of death and birth and where do we actually come from and where will we go after death and what happens after that? 7) What is the mystery behind why someone is born with silver spoon in the mouth and fully enjoys life from birth till death and someone is born with a begging bowl and suffers their whole life and dies miserably? 8) Why do we generally fear death and do not like to die even though after birth death is sure and certain, etc. But I could not be satisfied with the outcome of discussions. I, myself was an orthodox, Sai devotee for almost thirty six years and there were many confusions in my mind and I was just pulling on somehow as none could clear my doubt and confusion.
Sometime in 2008, I had an opportunity to attend a seminar organized by Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya , Kalimpong, where the speaker was one Brahma Kumar brother from Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Topic of the seminar was “STRESS FREE LIFE”.
The hall was packed with the audience. The lecture was very much impressive and interesting and during the session several rounds of clapping went on. After the lecture, some leaflets were distributed in which aims and objects of Raj Yoga were explained and those who were interested to know more about it were cordially welcomed to the Raj Yog centre. So, I decided to get in touch with the Brahmakumari Rajyoga Meditation centre, Kalimpong and completed the seven days basic course sometime in 2008. As I was involved too much in social activities of quite a few organizations I was not in a position to attend the Murli class in the centre regularly. However, I used to collect the Purity and Gyan Amrit magazines of Brahmakumaris regularly and study at home. I found this publications of very high standard, internationally reputed, informative, educative and motivating. I also encouraged my family members, relatives and friends of my circle to read these magazines and many became the regular subscribers.
Meanwhile, on the night of 1st December, 2018, I fell down in the bathroom of my house and remained there unconscious for sometime. When I regained sense and came to my room, my children rushed me to the hospital and got me examined. The doctor said there was nothing to worry and advised rest for a fortnight. During that period, I often got the vision of Mount Abu and Dadi Gulzarji and Dadi Jankiji in my dreams and after that, I could not sleep as I used to. My mind suddenly became restless to go to Mount Abu. So, as soon as the period for bed rest was over, I went to the centre and made arrangement for my trip to Mount Abu with the group which was leaving Kalimpong on the 27th of December, 2018.
Accordingly we, Kalimpong group, under the guidance of B.K. Alka Didi and B.K.Deoraj Bhaiji left for Mount Abu reaching there by 28th December, 2018 afternoon. We were given warm reception in Mount Abu and all were accommodated comfortably. From 29th December, 2018 – 6th January, 2019 fore noon, we all participated in the scheduled program of Madhuban. On 3rd January, 2019 program, we were told that there were 25,000 people in the auditorium and there was pin drop silence. It was really, amazingly disciplined and managed without any extra security and crowd control arrangement. Food, lodging, emergency medical service, transport, and even wheelchair arrangement for elderly and sick people everything was beyond description. It appeared that everybody forgot their home, families and outside world and enjoyed peaceful and heavenly life during their stay in Madhuban.
Before our departure, we were given opportunity to meet and get the divine blessing and darshan of Dadi Jankiji, Chief of Brahmakumaris, B.K. Brij Mohan Bhaiji and Nirwair Bhaiji which is memorable for my whole life. We left the heaven like Madhuban on 7th January, 2019 and safely reached home the next day.
In conclusion, I would like to mention that by now, following the concept of Rajyog teaching, whatever questions and confusion I had before coming to Rajyog, have disappeared completely as I got all the satisfactory answers here in Brahma Kumaris. It is obviously true that “Self Transformation” is the need of the hour and soon the World Transformation will gradually follow. I can boldly say that at the end of my life, I discovered the way to lead a happy and peaceful life through Rajyog Meditation. In view of my 86 years of bitter life experiences, the present world order has become totally rotten and not worth living for the human beings and the entire universe needs a better and peaceful happy world. The only dream of everyone is a better world which none of the existing different religions can fulfill, except the internationally recognized renowned Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation in the coming future.
I wish the Brahma Kumari Rajyoga Meditation Mission a grand success in transforming the present world into the divine deity world order.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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