Ayodhya – Donation of Cheque of Rs. 51000.00 to the CM Kovid Care fund

Ayodhya / Faizabad (U.P.) Divine family of BK Wazirganj, Ayodhya/Faizabad meet the DM / Collector of Ayodhya Bro. Anuj Kumar Jha & honour him by presenting the Shawl. BK Shashi Bahan, In Charge of Wazirganj, Ayodhya has presented the Cheque of Rs. 51000.00 to the CM Kovid Care fund to DM/Collector.

BK Shashi Bahan with the Divine family of Wazirganj, Ayodhya honored the P.A.C. force with Commandant of P.A.C. Bro. Arun Upadhyay also for the Mankind services presented by them during the Kovid. BK Shashi Bahan presented Godly Gift & offered Brahma Bhojan also for all of them.
Divine Sisters BK Archana, BK Sheilu, BK Sandhya, BK Renu, BK Archika, BK Ramjit Bhai with Bro. Dr. Phoolchand, Bro. Jagdish, Bro. Mahesh, Bro. Sourabh, Bro. Mukesh Malhotra, Bro. Vijay, Bro. Ramashray, Bro. Hariprasad also participated during Godly Service.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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