Patia, Bhubaneswar- World Environment Day Plantation Programme

05/06/2020-Patia (Bhubaneswar): On the eve of World Environment Day Brahma Kumaris Patia observed this day as a delighted celebration. It is now the right time to save our environment and to control pollution for safe ecological balance. Human life and a safe environment are the two sides of the same coin. Brahma Kumaris always stand for better ‘Green Earth’ and act accordingly. On this occasion brother Mr. Himanshu Sekhar Khatua, CMD, Kalinga TV, Bhubaneswar was invited as chief guest. He emphasised on our cumulative action to save Mother Nature, by planting more and more trees. Brother Bijay Dash, president, Sashwat Senior Citizen forum  Patia was also invited who gave a talk specifically how to save our mother Earth from further degradation. Sister BK Gulab, Center in charge of Patia, also gave stress to save the trees for Green Earth. She said a tree is equal to our child. We should take care and love the environment and plant trees as much as possible because trees always give to mankind in many ways and never expect anything.

The members of Patia Center along with brother Himanshu, brother Bijay Dash planted medicated and fruit bearing trees, around the pond of Sri Nilakantheshwara Temple, Patia. Lastly, sister Golap felicitated brother Himanshu and staff of Kalinga TV, along with brother Bijay Dash.


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Source: BK Global News Feed

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