Drug De-Addiction and Rajyoga Meditation

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Drug addiction is one of the most burning problems of modern society. It has destroyed the constructive and creative powers of millions of youths. The monster can destroy a person physically as well as mentally, socially and economically too. In several ways it is more dangerous than incurable diseases. Such diseases can kill one person but drug abuse can kill the addict as well as cause a great deal of pain and suffering to his near and dear ones.
The ‘pleasure’ experienced through drugs is very temporary. Very soon all the fun gets converted into suffering and agony. It is followed by lying, cheating, stealing and ultimately, craving for the next dose. Several anti-social and anti-national activities are carried out to satisfy one’s urge.
The most unfortunate part of drug abuse is the fact that some innocent victims get entrapped into it without their knowledge. For some selfish motive, the drug is given to them keeping in dark. Several such examples have come to light. In some cases even youngsters were made drug addicts to sustain anti-social activities.
In spite of various kinds of treatments given to drug addicts by psychiatrists and psychologists, only 10 to 20 per cent can completely get rid of the self-destroying habit. For one or the other reason 80 to 90 per cent once again start resorting to drugs. Experts feel that in the near future every school going child will be offered drugs at least once. Hence it is very essential to inform them about the hazards of drugs.
What is drug addiction?
The official classification systems as outlined in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM III) refer to drugs as substance abuse and substance dependence. In DSM II the term dependence included both psychological dependence and physiological dependence. In DSM III dependence included only in the physiological sense and generally requires evidence of either tolerance or withdrawal symptoms.
Drugs can be divided into five groups :
1. CANNABIS INDICA : This includes ‘Bhang’ and ‘Marijuana’ (Charas, ganja). These drugs can also lead to confusional states and minimal withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, restlessness, decreased memory, nausea etc.
2. MORPHINE AND HEROINE : They are pain killers and have a hypnotic effect. The most common drug of the modern era : Brown Sugar is crude heroine. Once a person is addicted to it, it is very difficult to get rid of this habit and the addict may commit any crime to satisfy his need.
3. SLEEPING PILLS : Slow acting and medium acting barbiturates and Diazepam (Valium, Calimpose) help in going to sleep. In the modern world of jet race and competition a large number of people are taking sleeping pills. But they cannot give natural sleep. They have side effects.
4. AMPHETAMINE : The drug of the first three categories generally causes drowsiness and sleep, whereas Amphetamine is a stimulant and keeps a person awake. They are commonly known as pop pills. If these are taken for a long time in a higher dose it can induce a psychotic state similar to schizophrenia.
5. ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO : In modern society these are socially accepted substances but they can also be considered as drugs because they are extremely hazardous to health and it is very difficult to get rid of these addictions once the person gets habituated to them.
Why do they take drugs?
Since the abuse of Brown Sugar started, it has spread with an unprecedented speed and has trapped millions of youths into its illusive charm.
If not impossible it is very difficult to free oneself from the tentacles of this monster. Hence one should understand the reason as to why one starts abusing drugs and put efforts in preventing them.
1. MENTAL STRESS : It is not an exaggeration if one says that the end result of modern progress and development is mental stress. Modern man always tries to find out various shortcuts to achieve his goals. In order to overcome various types of psychological stress some people seek the solution in the psychotropic drugs. These drugs create only a false sense of well-being and are more dangerous than slow poison.
2. DISTURBED HOME : In spite of all the factors that have given impetus to the spread of the epidemic, a question arises as to why some people succumb to drugs while others withstand the false attraction. If parents are not able to give two priceless ingredients viz. TIME and LOVE, the adolescent may seek the solution in drugs. A child who is growing in a disturbed home where parents don’t have good relationship among themselves or are busy in their own activities, is more prone to drugs.
3. PEER PRESSURE : At least one among four drug addicts has his first trip due to peer pressure. The fear of losing friends make them obey the demands. Such occasional trips ultimately make them hardcore drug addicts.
4. TO SHOW MATURITY : Adolescent period is full of confusion and anxiety. During this period one also feels his identity crisis. In many cases drugs are used to identify oneself as a mature person. Those college students who take drugs get more importance and are accepted in the circle. Hence to identify with the group one starts using drugs.
5. EASY AVAILABILITY : Mental tension and disturbed home were existing before twenty years also but drug addiction was not so common because they were not easily available.
Tobacco : A slow poison
Although tobacco seems to be an innocent substance it is like a slow poison. The money spent in curing tobacco related diseases is substantially more than revenue collected on tobacco. To purchase tobacco is to purchase poison by giving money.
Various analytic studies done on tobacco smoke have revealed that it contains about 400 chemicals that are harmful to one’s health. Among these at least 48 substances are carcinogenic in nature. Cancer of lips, tongue, oesophagus etc. are caused due to the direct heat of smoking.
Lungs cancer is found to be twenty times common in smokers as compared to non-smokers. The carcinogenic effects of tobacco itself makes tobacco as hazardous as any other drugs.
The dangerous effects of tobacco does not end at harming oneself. The gas that is exhaled by a smoker is inhaled by the non-smoker sitting or standing near him. This is called passive smoking. Tobacco causes 25% harmful effect to even passive smokers. Next time when some one smokes near you do remember that you are also going to get one fourth of the hazardous effects.
Tobacco has many negative points. However, if one stops taking tobacco gradually its harmful effects reduces and after two to four years his chances of getting lungs cancer is the same as that of a non-smoker. This is the right time that smokers make firm decision to give up the crippling habit.
Effects of alcohol on health
Some people have the misconception that a small amount of alcohol is good for health. However, this is a wrong notion because you don’t know when the amount will increase.
Under the influence of alcohol one’s logical thinking is disturbed and he becomes over-confident. More than 60% of road accidents are found to occur under the influence of alcohol.
Normally a person tries to behave in a socially accepted manner. We have specific neurons in the brain which control the socially unacceptable behavior. Under the influence of alcohol these specific neurons become inactive. Hence a person behaves in a socially unacceptable manner. He becomes over-talkative. He says unreal things. He quarrels with friends and family members. He may even beat his children and wife. This results in loss of peace and unhappiness in the family.
Alcohol causes irritation of the digestive system. It causes gastritis and peptic ulcer. In some cases pancreatitis is also found to be alcohol related. It also damages the liver cells. 15% of alcoholics suffer from cirrhosis of liver.
Due to bad smell others easily recognize it. This gives a negative impression on others. It also becomes a barrier in communication and friendship.
Due to these harmful effects one should not take alcohol, even occasionally.
How does the addiction continue?
Some drug addicts rationalize their dependence on drugs by saying that drugs give them a heavenly experience. It is the greatest myth because within few weeks they starts experiencing the sufferings of hell. The psychological effects experienced by an addict, if the drug is not consumed for 12 hours, are so painful that there can’t be any hell worse than this. Most drug addicts finds it difficult to withstand and hence for keeping themselves comfortable they continue to take drugs not for any pleasurable feelings but in order to avoid the withdrawal effects.
Day by day the quantity of drug intake required to satisfy the individual increases and hence he needs more money. The drug becomes his first need and hence he tries to collect money from all possible sources. If necessary he may even sell his household valuables to buy drugs.
If the money required to buy drugs is not available by normal means, he may start stealing various articles from home or the neighborhood. There are many examples in which big robberies were committed by drug addicts for they were in need of money.
A non-addict would consider all this behaviour as foolish and silly which can easily be avoided. But for an addict the urge is so strong that he can’t live without it. He feels as if he is going to die if the drug is not given and hence he becomes inclined to commit any type of crime to get the drug.
How to identify a drug addicts?
Following are some of the points which will help in identifying a drug addict :
1. DEMANDS MORE MONEY : All of a sudden the child will start demanding much more pocket expenses without any reasonable cause. Day by day the demand may keep on increasing, because the drugs are quite expensive and day by day the amount of the drug required keeps on increasing. He or she may sell his or her personal valuables to buy the drugs.
2. SPENDS MORE TIME IN THE TOILET : There can be other causes of spending more time in the toilet but this is also a valuable point to be noted. He may spend more time in the toilet so as to take drugs in the toilet.
3. UNUSED TOBACCO IS FOUND : For Brown sugar addicts a very important point is that unused tobacco is found in the toilet or elsewhere. This is because normally some tobacco from a cigarette is taken out and in its place brown sugar is filled.
4. PHYSICAL AND BEHAVIOURAL CHANGES : A brown sugar addict grows physically weak. He becomes indifferent towards his dress and personal cleanliness. In his behaviour he may become more lethargic and short-tempered.
5. PINPOINT PUPIL : Brown sugar reduces the size of the pupil of the eyes. Hence the pupil of a drug addict are very small and they cannot respond when light is suddenly flashed on it.
Remember that the above mentioned one or more symptoms can be found even in non-addicts. Therefore, please don’t make any mistake of telling your brothers or sisters that he or she is a drug addict because some of these symptoms are seen.
The best way is to consult a doctor, preferably, a psychiatrist who will be in the best position to find out the cause of the various symptoms.
Steps helpful to prevent drug addiction
Whether there is any possibility of a particular child becoming a drug addict can be predicted with some accuracy. This depends on the way in which parents deal with a child. The following steps if adopted by parents will protect children to a great extent in remaining free from drug addiction :
1. BALANCED AFFECTION : Give equal affection to all your children. The best step would be to give them unconditional affection. A child gets confused if he gets scolding for a particular behaviour at one occasion and appreciation for a similar behaviours on another occasion. A child receiving balanced affection will have a healthy mental growth.
2. EDUCATION AND INFORMATION : In the past few years radical changes have taken place in the present society. For the mental and social health of the children, parents must educate and inform their children on different aspects. There need not be any fear that if they have the knowledge about drugs they will be inclined to have experience of it. It is a wrong belief because if you don’t give correct information then somehow they will get faulty information from friends which will incline them to taste it. We have already lost one generation for saving the second generation, education about drugs by an expert to all school children must become the part and parcel of the curriculum.
3. SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE : Parents themselves should not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs. Remember that the children are going to follow your example. Hence set a good example before them by not taking drugs, tobacco or alcohol.
The contribution of Rajyoga Meditation in De-addiction
Even after medical treatment for drug addiction relapse rate is very high. Therefore some supportive methods also should be taught to drug addicts.
Rajyoga Meditation as taught by Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is an easy to learn technique of positive thinking based on spiritual understanding. It is a lifestyle that transforms one’s intellect and personality traits. Rajyoga Meditation helps in a number of ways to a drug addict to be completely free from drug dependence and to become a useful member of society.
Rajyoga Meditation is not only the relaxation technique but in fact it is a positive and pure life-style. It makes one’s mind clear, clean and free from negative tendencies.
The knowledge of immortal inner self and the effect of positive actions on one’s personality traits creates firmness in one’s decision to give up the unhealthy habit. In spite of all temporary attractions and pressures one can remain firm in his decision.
During meditation practice as one tunes his mind with the Supreme power – he himself experiences the supersensous bliss. Such a positive experience reduces the craving for the harmful substances. When a person experiences the real sense of well-being his attraction for the false sense of well-being reduces. And he naturally develops a dislike for such substances.
Rajyoga teaches positive thinking. In spite of all difficulties and hurdles a person develops a positive approach that keeps himself completely free from the vicious circle.
Rajyoga practice develops the power to face and power of tolerance. Due to the increase in will-power a person is able to withstand the withdrawal symptoms very easily.
Rajyoga Meditation : The basis of drug-free society
All efforts towards the prevention and control of drug abuse have the ultimate objective of re-establishing a drug free world. Rajyoga meditation are of practical value in transforming the dream of ‘Drug free world’ in reality.
Rajyoga is a systematic technique of chanelising one’s mind in positive directions. The philosophy of Rajyoga teaches that you are the master of your mind, intellect and sanskars. A few months practice of Rajyoga can bring substantial control over one’s mind. Such an individual will never become a slave to hazardous habits.
In the modern world due to the mis-identification of the self with the physical body, most people seek temporary peace and happiness out of the external things which are beyond one’s control. Due to such an external locus of control, some people unfortunately take recourse to drug abuse.
Rajyoga meditation teaches that you are sentient, self-luminous, eternal and an immortal soul and you are the king of your senses. Once a person gains this consciousness, dependence on drugs is out of question.
When a drug addict learns Rajyoga meditation he receives tremendous group support. He also identifies himself with the group of non-addicts. Thus it becomes very easy to come out of this vicious circle.
In order to take the full advantage of Rajyoga meditation, it should be made a part and parcel of the secondary school and college curriculum, so that children become morally strong with positive values.

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