Sahayog Se Hoga Sarvoday

Sahayog Se Hoga Sarvoday

Om Shanti!

All of we are suffering form the crises conditions . In this lock down different kind of part of the human society is facing different kind of problems. The labour section of the society is facing little amount of malnutrition. But we are very glad to see that our govt. is aware about it and trying to provide mejority of requirements to the poor people. But this is not only the responsibility of government but our also. If I am financially strong and iligible to help some poor people. Then I must have to do this. Because this is the time to help each other and proove that humanity is still in our hearts.

BK Jyoti and BK Geeta in Risod distributing grains and other daily needs to poor people with the great and elevated thought of brotherhood.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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