Short Film from Russia : From the Depth of the Heart to the Beloved Janki Dadi Ji

From the time of the establishment of Yagya, Baba saw how
Dadi Janki gave her bones to the Yagya service.
And then Baba also saw how Dadi gave her bones to serve
the Mother Land of Bharat.
Further Baba saw how Dadi became instrument to glorify Him
in the foreign lands.

Baba gave the blessing: “Dadi Janki is a victorious jewel
who will enter into the Vijayanti Mala of 8 jewels” and Dadi
will be the world empress in the near future of Golden Age.

And throughout her alokik life Dadi maintained intoxication
of these blessings and always remained beyond.

Such Upram stage of Dadi was practically observed by the
entire Brahman Family.

Words will not be enough to express gratitude to such a soul
who brought unlimited benefit to the people from all over the
world living in this Iron Age.

While expressing tributes to our dearest and nearest
Dadi Ji, on behalf of the Brahman family from Russia Region,
our hearts become merged in the love which Dadi has
extended to each one of us since more than 30 years

Source: BK Global News Feed

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