IT is a wrong belief that only most of the an social elements abuse drugs. Most parents are also over-confident that their children will never abuse drugs. It is such a sensitive, delicate and complicated ma er that many innocent children with good character are also caught lip in the vicious circle of drugs. The problem of drug abuse should be considered very seriously because sta s cs show that 90% of drug abusers are below twenty five years of age.

This that the monster is mainly destroying the powers of youth which is the most constructive, creative and productive period of life. There are independent narco c services in Russia. Several researchers have done a study to learn the personality traits of their pa ents and their significance in the development of drug addicts. It was found that drug addicts had deviations in their personality. The deviation was much more in persons who were addicted to more than one drug (Polynarcomania).

The personality traits of drug addicts characterise a tendency to experience easy pleasures. They have assault ve and aggressive tendencies, In drug addicts difficulties in adoption and feelings of guilt and inferiority complex were found. 78% of drug addicts had hysterical-excitable reac ons and emo onal instability. The personality deteriorates in drug addicts gradually. Ini ally premorbid traits start appearing. Then narco za on goes on. Subsequently moral and ethical deteriora on are observed.

Youngsters who are under stress or feel lonely are more prone to take drugs. In the sta s cs collected by Dr. Yusuf Merchant, the president of the Drug Abuse Information Rehabilitation and Research Center, Bombay out of 235 brown sugar addicts 132 (56%) had absence of a father figure at home. 209 (89%) had difficulty in communication with their parents, 197 (84%) admitted difficulty in self expression. It was also found out that 39.1% were unemployed. 33.2% were students. Only 17% were employed. 4.7% were businessmen and 6% were professionals. Male addicts are more than female addicts. Out of 235 patients there were only 12 female patients. 96% of drug addicts did not know the actual harmful effects of the drugs when they experimented for the first me. This implies that most of the addicts were not aware about the hazards of the drug when they were caught into its illusive charms. If they were properly informed perhaps they would not have tested it.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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