Mangalwadi-Vadodara – Shivani Behn’s Program

Mangalwadi-Vadodara – In Morning  VIP Program was arranged at Din Dayal Hall  on the topic “Think Right No Matter What”  850 VVIPs participated.
                                         –  In Evening VIP Program was arranged at Polo Club Ground  on the topic “Creating Your Destiny” 4000 VVIPs participated
Photos : –
1) AirPort Swagat    –   L-R  Brother Harish,Ranjanben Bhatt,Raj Didi,Shivani behn, Hemant Shah.
2) Din Dayal Hall      –   Candle Light – Mayor Of Vadodara Jigisha Sheth,Raj Didi,Shivani behn,Dr.Niranjana didi etc
3) Din Dayal Hall      –   Audiance  Raj Didi,Dr.Niranjana didi etc
4) Polo Club Ground –  Tree Plant Presented Shivani behn
5) Polo Club Ground –  Swagat to Flower Hemant Shah (Industrialist)
6) Polo Club Ground – Candle Light – L to R Hemant Shah,Shivinder singh Chawla,Shivani behn,Raj Didi, Rajmata Shubhangini Gaekwad,Harishbhai etc.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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