Pokhara Nepal -Chief Minister of Gandaki & BK Shielu Didi (Madhuban) Laid the Foundation Stone of “Divine Peace Realisation Center”

It is due to Bapdada’s Grace,  Blessings of Dadis and Seniors and support of BK Family all over,  On the 8th of February 2020, a grand “Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony” has happened successfully in Pokhara City, Gandaki Province, Nepal. Honorable Provincial Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung got impressed a lot by  Seeing the huge gathering of around 3000 public including BK family and expressed his full faith on the successful and timely completion of the Structure. On his Chief Guest Speech, he expressed his full faith in the possibility of ending of stress, chaos and unrighteousness on the society only with the rise of spiritual awareness in each individual. 

Respected Rajyogini Bk Shielu Didi Ji , vice Chairperson of Education wing, RERF gave her good wishes on the timely Completion of the Structure and told many would come and join their line of intellect with the Supreme Soul on this place.
On the morning of 9th February Shielu Didi’s Murli class and Class for Brahmins was held on the Same Place with the huge participation of more than 2500 white dressed Brahmins. Gathering of BKs from many places of Nepal and India made the whole POkhara city white and bright like Madhuban that day. 
On the evening of 9th February “Women Empowerment Program for Prosperous and Value Based Society” was held on the same spot. The Program also became a success with the participation of more than 1000 women from different sectors. Honorable Minister for Social Development, Nar Devi Pun ,the Chief Guest of the program told that Ministry is  also ready to be co operative on the BrahmaKumaris Mission of building Civilized Citizens. Along with Rajyogini BK Shielu Didi ji, BK Durga Didi, BK Parinita Didi and BK Raman Bhattarai also gave their valuable speech to empower the Participated Women.
On the 10th February Shielu Didi Ji gave a Powerful Class for Dedicated Teachers and had a sight seeing of Beautiful Pokhara City.  
Please see the attached Photos and Caption.

1.    On Candle Lighting Ceremony (from Left) Rajyogini BK Durga Didi,  Honorable Provincial Assembly member  Bindu Kumar Thapa, Honorable Minister of Internal Affairs and Law Hari Bahadur Chuman, Rajyogini BK Parinita Didi, Honorable Provincial Chief MinisterPrithvi Subba Gurung, Rajyogini BK Kamala Didi, Rajyogi BK Shailesh Raj Baral and so on.

2.    Rajyogini BK Shilu Didi BK Parinita Didi Delivering public

3.    BK Parinita Didi and BK Shilu DIdi presenting Godly Token to Honorable Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Nepal Prithvi subba Gurung .

4.    Honorable Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Nepal Prithvi subba Gurung delivering Speech

5.    Foundation Stone Laying

6.    Honorable Provincial Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung delivering Token of Love on the behalf of Gandaki Province to BK Shilu Didi JI

7.    Cultural Presentations

8.    Brahmins Class

9.    Women Empowerment Class

10.  Kumari Dance, a traditional Nepali dance representing a Virgin women

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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