MoU Signed Between The NorthCap University, Gurugram & Education Wing (RERF)

The NorthCap University Gurugram celebrated the Thought Lab MOU Signing Ceremony on 24th January, 2020. Established in 2018, Thought Lab was set up initially as a pilot project in NCU Campus. Thought Lab is a new conceptualization introduced by the Brahma Kumaris Education Wing, RERF for Colleges and Universities to enable students identify their thought process and change their behaviors with the help of easy Rajayoga. On witnessing behavioral changes in students, the University decided to introduce this subject to all of its students on a long-term basis, regarding which, the MOU was signed.

The ceremony was graced by the divine presence of Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya, Chairman of Education Wing; BK Sudesh, Regional Coordinator of Thought Lab; BK Sister Urmil, Director of Brahma Kumaris Palam Vihar and BK Shivika from Education Wing. The occasion was also graced by the presence of Prof. Prem Vrat, Pro-Chancellor, NorthCap University; Prof. H.B. Raghavendra, Vice-Chancellor, NCU; Rtd. Col. Bikram Mohanty, Registrar, NCU; Prof. Swarna Ahuja, Dean, Academics NCU and various deans, principals and professors of Delhi/NCR colleges & universities.

The guests were welcomed with flowers by Rtd. Principal Scientist from the Ministry of defence and the ceremony was coordinated by Dr. Divyabha Vashisht, Assistant Professor, NCU.

Addressing the august gathering, respected BK Dr. Mruthyunjaya shared that all the systems of the society today including the education system that is moving towards criminalization of human consciousness, businesses that are moving towards commercialization and religions that are moving towards communalization should be replaced with humanization, divinization, moralization & spiritualization. He convicted the thought that such transformation of human consciousness amongst all the negativity of the world can only be done when one connects with the Divine Power, brings self transformations and adopts divine virtues and values in his life.

BK Sudesh explained the need for such a spiritual laboratory in the present scenario where the invisible matter i.e. the consciousness is studied, in contrast to the physical matter that we generally study in science laboratories. She also explained the functioning of the thought lab in the university and how students are adapting to this new concept.

Prof. Prem Vrat emphasized the importance of such a Unique Universal University that improves the quality of their graduates and their employ-ability and expressed his gratitude to Brahma Kumaris organization and governing members of the University for having agreed for the proposal along with wishing that the relationship of their University with the education wing of Brahma Kumaris grows with time.

Prof. HB Raghavendra shared that he is very happy with overall performance and feedback from the Thought Lab and wishes to include this in the curriculum of every student graduating from the University.

BK Urmil made the entire gathering experience the peace within themselves through peaceful guided meditation. Lastly, the ceremony concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Rtd. Major General Omprakash.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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