Bangalore ( Karnataka ) : International Conference in Yoga and Research, Life Style Medicine

BK Dr. Binny Sareen from Mount Abu addressed the International Conference in Yoga & Research- Life Style Medicine and presented her Research Paper on Spirituality for Health Management in the presence of International Research Scientists and Doctors at Bangalore.

BK Dr. Binny, Research Scholar in Spirituality shared how spirituality has tremendous power to manage our Health & Lifestyle. Our health is a reflection of our state of mind and consciousness. It is hard to stay healthy for long without clearing the conscience. Dis – ease within our consciousness eventually find expression in some form of disease in our body.

“Troubled conscience” leads sickness in mind and practice of Rajayoga meditation empowers positive and Healthy lifestyle.

Clear Consciousness means free from Negativity, Guilt, Fear, Anger and waste thoughts. By understanding the three faculties of Soul and role of subconscious in improving health is new dimension in Health care. Presenter also included her Research studies and Role of Yoga and Meditation in Health Care. We are creators of our own health if we realize how spiritual practices strengthen our mind and body.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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