Shajapur ( Madhya Pradesh ) : Tension-Free Life” Program for Personnel in Police Administration

Shajapur ( Madhya Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Shajapur arranged a program for those who are working in Police Administration at Local Police Lines.  It was to make them aware that our Life can be Happiest by means of Rajayog Meditation.

Those present on the occasion were the Revenue Inspector Mr. Bhadouria as a Chief Guest; from Bikaner BK Jyothi; BK Pratibha, local Centre in Charge; from Faridabad BK Sakshi; from Gaya BK Nikhil and BK Dipak, Professor Mr. Varyani, and many other Police Staff who took benefit from the function.

BK Jyothi, under the Campaign “Rajayog Education for Happy Life” of the Brahma Kumaris, giving a few tips on making Life Happiest and Tension-Free, said, “We are all enacting our individual roles in the World as a Stage. We are the Children of Incorporeal, God Shiv, Supreme Soul and Supreme Father. We don’t have enmity with anyone. Just because of different temperament, even small issues become bigger. We can live a Happy Life only by getting rid of our temperaments.”

BK Sakshi through Rajayog guided everyone to perform Mental Exercise. BK Nikhil rendered a beautiful song in memory of God. BK Pratibha invited the participants to visit the Centre to learn the Art of Rajayog Meditation, taught free of cost.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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