Malad(Mumbai) : Brahma Kumaris Invited by Mumbai Transport Office (RTO) to Celebrate Safety Week

Malad, Mumbai ( Maharashtra ): During Road Safety Week, the Mumbai Regional Transport Office (RTO) invited the Brahma Kumaris to spread Traffic Safety awareness at their Malad checkpost. Along with the BKs, other NGOs including the Rotary Club, the Lion’s Club, et al., were invited.

At the beginning of this activity, an inauguration was doing by lighting a diya (a lamp) by each of the representatives: BK Kunti, National Coordinator, Transport and Travel Wing; BK Shobha, Malad Gyandhara Center Incharge; Dr. Sidharth Haritwal, Prosthodontist and Malad Walkathon Organiser; Raju Sahani, President of the Lion’s Club; Kusum Biyan, President, Rotary Club; Traffic Inspector, and others.

As part of spreading awareness for the traffic safety week, all the BK volunteers spread out and were present at various traffic junctions in Malad to:

  1. Educate drivers not following traffic rules
  2. Give a flower to drivers breaking traffic rules
  3. Paste traffic safety slogans on vehicles
  4. Carry placards with different safety slogans
  5. Distribute fliers about traffic safety

In the end, the traffic officer thanked the BKs for their support in spreading the safety message to the citizens of Mumbai.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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