Drug de-addiction awareness programme at Nabarangpur Sub-Zone

A drug de-addiction awareness programme was organised in different places of Nabarangpur by the Brahma Kumaris in coordination with the District Administration of Nabarangpur to get relief from drug by Rajyoga.

The programme was conducted to aware how we can regain the Health, Wealth and Happiness by leaving the use of drugs and it is possible only by Rajyoga meditation. Hence, we should practice Rajyoga meditation in our day to day life.

BK Geeta, BK Namita, BK Tara, BK Rakhi, BK Rina, BK Swati & BK Sanjukta travelled to all the Block Headquarters & G.P Headquarters of Nabarangpur district and conducted programme among the public.

People of Nabarangpur were promised in the programme led by BK Sandhya not to get addicted to drugs and practise Rajyoga meditation regularly.

By village to village approach with tribal awareness dance troupes huge nos. of people could participate in the programme.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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