Odisha (Brahmapur) : Diabetes Awareness

Brahma Kumaris Prabhu Upahar Retreat Center of Brahmapur held a Diabetes Awareness Program on World Diabetes Day.

Dr. Prakash Ch. Patra, senior physician and diabetologist, said that the International Diabetes Federation has given the theme “Family and Diabetes” for creating awareness in the public for the prevention of diabetes. If family members are involved in the treatment of the patient, he will be free from complications, and recovery will be better.

Dr. B. N. R. Subudhi, Retd. Prof. of Ophthalmology, emphasized the prevention of diabetic blindness which is rising in India.

BK Mala conducted the program, emphasizing Rajayoga meditation for all members of the family for the prevention of diabetes, and conducted the Rajayoga meditation. BK Manju gave blessings to all. Nearly 300 patients ware present in this program.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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