AndhraPradesh (Vishakapatnam) : 20th Annual Day Function at HB Colony

BK Rameshwari, the Center-in-Charge of the Housing Board Colony Center of the Brahma Kumaris in Visakhapatnam, invited Swamy  Swarupanandendra Saraswati of Sharada Peethhadhipati to their 20th Annual Day Function.

Swamy Swarupanandendra Saraswati inaugurated the celebrations by lighting auspicious lamps along with BK Rameshwari; BK Satyavati, MVP Center-in-Charge; Mr. Dronamraj Srinivas, VMRDA Chairman; and Mr. Ganta Srinubabu, VJ Forum President, followed by a welcome dance performance by young artists.

Blessing the people in the audience, Swarupanandendra Saraswati said that people should tread the Spiritual path. He was all praise for the people of the City of Visakhapatnam, and said, “Everyone must realize and know God. For this, the Knowledge given and Rajayog Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris is the most wonderful way. At the same time none can reap, without efforts, the rewards of their actions.” He said, “The life of men is not only to earn a false name, fame, prestige, etc.; it is to perform selfless service to Mankind to get blessings of God.”  “The World,” he said, “is Kurukshetra, the Land of Action. Life itself is a warfield. Gita has propounded the way to reach God through performing Actions (Karma Yog). Having no Wealth but a Good Heart is enough to obtain Divine Knowledge.”

BK Rameshwari put forth the types of activities done by the Brahma Kumaris Organization for the society at large.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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