Uttarpradesh (Varanasi) : Conference Of All Religions For World Peace

Varanasi ( Uttar Pradesh ) : Well known religious and educational center of Uttar Pradesh, Maitridham Ashram, held a Conference of All Religions on World Peace. On this occasion, Brahma Kumaris of Varanasi were also invited.

BK Taposhi, Rajyoga Teacher, while addressing the audience, said that to establish World Peace, getting rid of bodily attachments and establishing oneself in soul consciousness is needed. Caste, color, creed, language, social status etc. are divisions associated with body consciousness.  If we succeed in taking the masses away from these through soul knowledge, One World One Family is possible. This message of the Supreme Soul is being given all over the world by the Brahma Kumaris.

Representatives of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian religions expressed their views at this program. Farad Anil Dev, Director Maitridham Ashram, also interacted with the audience. He expressed gratitude towards everyone for participating in the event. He recounted his visit to Mount Abu, the international headquarters of Brahma Kumaris 25 years ago. He praised the many serviced being done by the Brahma Kumaris Organization for World peace, goodwill and moral upliftment. BK Rekha and BK Rajkumar were also present on this occasion.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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