Mumbai-Borivali : Seminar on Digital Detox

Digital Technology & its gadgets has given numerous advantages to this world but on the other hand has also been a modern era addiction, especially for youth and children. So there is a need to ask ourselves these questions.

Do you feel you are consumed by over-use of gadgets?

Would you like to spend more quality time with people rather than with your smartphone?

Have you allowed technology to overpower your free-will?

To gain insights Brahma Kumaris, Borivali(E) organized a seminar on topic DIGITAL DETOX  on 10th Nov 2019 at Prabhu Upvan. Seminar was conducted in two batches. First batch in morning was specifically for BKs youth  and second batch in evening was open to all. Around 300 people were benefited with this seminar.

Sister BK Kavita was the main speaker. Presentation of the subject was an eye opener for many of the participants and of much help to overcome addiction of digital gadgets. A very good response was received from audience of both the batches.

Sister BK Divyaprabha (Subzone Incharge, Borivali) also shared her views on the topic.

A drama with the same moral message was played by the BK students of Thakur Village Centre.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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