“Brahma Kumaris are a boon to the people” says MP of Rajahmundry

Diwali Celebrations at Trilok Bhavan Brahma Kumaris with M Bharat Ram MP RJY

Rajahmundry ( Andhra Pradesh ): Member of Parliament Margani Bharat Ram for Rajahmundry said that the Brahma Kumaris are a boon to the people, where they can get relief from physical and mental stress and strain. He visited the Brahma Kumaris Center in connection with the Deepavali festival and said he knew very well about the organization from his childhood days. He said that the Brahma Kumaris was a spiritual movement founded in the 1930s in Hyderabad (Sindh). Brahma Kumari Hema Centre Incharge RJY and Rajyogi BK Vedi from Bangalore participated in Diwali celebrations

Source: BK Global News Feed

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