Ludhiana: Medical Camp, Rose Garden

Medical Camp, Rose Garden

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Abhikalpana – The New Creativity Society organized a Neuro Health Camp for senior citizens, in coordination with Dr. Leenu Gupta (MD, Medicine) at Rose Garden, Ludhiana. In this free medical camp, they invited Brahma Kumaris, Ludhiana for counseling of the patients.

BK Neelam Didiji (Senior Rajyoga Teacher) explained the role of Spirituality to attain mental health. She focused on the fact that stress free mind leads to a disease free body and a healthy society . She said that one aspect of meditation is to provide us tools and techniques to lead a tension free life, and realization of self and intellectual connection with God is the greatest wealth of humankind which brings us happiness and absolute comfort.

Sister Meenakshi Sood, the president of ‘Abhikalpana’, shared her personal experience that how by attending meditation classes at Brahma Kumaris she overcame depression and is now leading a peace filled and joyful life.

A beautiful model displaying the role of meditation in creating a healthy lifestyle was displayed at the camp. Sister Ruchika explained the model. It had three parts:  The Cactus showing the weaknesses and addictions of the society, The middle portion portrayed the Spiritual Revolution through Rajyoga Meditation focusing on digital detoxification and value inculcation, and the third part, The Lotus signified the Stress-Free mind, Inhibition-Free intellect, Disease-Free body, and a Violence-Free society.  

Source: BK Global News Feed

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