Let’s go towards Tobacco Free Schools

Om Shanti

Motivational programme for Ideals Of Students (Teachers)


We are very glad to publish this post which is about a very serius and motivational matter to make tobacco free schools. It’s a very challanging task in front of us because due to consumption of tobacco products 4 peaople loose their life for each minute.

Teachers are examples for new generation to take decisions and go forward in their life. That’s why we must have to make tobacco free to teachers and principles first of all. Because it’s a very shame full thing that we have such teachers who consume these products and students follw those teachers. Future of India is in danger.

Teachers and principles of 200 government schools of Akola district  were present for this programme. Main Speaker was Dr. Sachin Parab. This programme was held at “Kasturba Hall of Lady Harding” on 24th Sept. 2019.

There was hearty participation of Brahmakumaris in that programme. Because there is one and the only way to deaddict people easily which is “Rajyoga Meditation”.



Source: BK Global News Feed

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