The Future of Power Dialogue in Manila, Phillipines

the 67th Future of power programme held at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel, in Manilla in the Phillipines. 50 leaders from 20 different professions including the High Commissioner for India, attended this event. This was the first event in Asia and following this several requests have been received to have more events in the Phillipines. The group photograph of the participants with the their names and titles is included with this report.

Bro Stephen Berkley came especially from Madhuban to be the facilitator and Sr Maureen Chen (Morni) came from Taiwan to introduce the meditation experience. Sis Rajni, who is in charge of the Phillipines in addition to other countries in Asia also gave a talk on the BKs and gave tolly and presents to the participants. Bro Nizar gave an hour’s presentation on how to bring Soft Power or spirituality into one’s daily life. Members of the FOP team Sis Neetu and Bro Nitin came from Jaipur to help with the smooth running of all aspects of the programme.

The Manila BK team including Sister Merle and Bro Jonathan were in charge of all the preparatory work including choosing and inviting the high caliber guests and who both also attended the program.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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