Noida – An Event for IT Leaders & Professionals on Fast Forward to New Possibilities – 11 Aug. 2019

With Baba’s magic & unlimited blessings from BK family, we are pleased to share about the half day IT event at Noida held on Sunday 11th Aug, 2019 at IIM Lucknow Noida Campus. It was specially designed for IT Leaders & Professionals primarily in Noida/NCR with the theme Fast Forward to New Possibilities.
Aim of the event was to spread awareness among the corporates on the importance of developing inner resilience, positivity and empowering the human resource thus enabling them to effectively counter the challenges posed by the external environment in their professional and personal space.
It was the first biggest IT event in Noida by Brahma Kumaris IT Wing. Sister BK Shivani and brother BK Bala Kishore from Hyderabad were main speakers at the event. The event was organized by IT Team Noida and hosted by BK Sheel didi & BK Sudesh didi (Sadhbawana Bhawan, Noida Sector 26).
700+ IT Leaders & IT professionals participated from 100+ IT companies out of which approx. 75% were first timers to a BK event.
The event started with welcome by host BK Sudesh didi (Add’l director, Noida Sector 26) and then brother BK Yashwant (HQ Coordinator, IT Wing, Mount Abu) shared about IT Wing services & blessings from Dadi Janki and Didi Dr Nirmala. After this BK Neeraj talked about IT team Noida & shared the aim & objective of the event. Sister BK Nikita (Rajyoga Teacher, Sector48, Noida) coordinated the event on stage.
The first session was by brother BK Bala Kishore covering topics like Self Talk, Mental Health, digital detoxification etc followed by Candle lighting & Tea break.
The second session was by Sister BK Shivani on the theme of the event Fast Forward to New
Possibilities followed by deep meditation experience. After the talk she personally met top leaders of IT industry.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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