Bangalore – Tying Rakhi to Chief Minister of Karnataka, B.S. Yadiyurappa

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Rajyogini B.K. Padma Didiji, Director of Bangalore City Sub-Zone has tied sacred Rakhi to Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka Sri B.S. Yadiyurappaji and also gave massage about significance of Rakhi Festval. Along with Chief Minister, Sri S.R. Vishwanathji, M.L.A. Yelahanka Constituency, Government of Karnataka, was also tied sacred Rakhi and gave Godly Gift.

1) B.K. Padmaji offering Flower bouquet to C M of Karnataka Sri. B.S. Yadiyurappa
2) B.K. Padmaji tying Rakhi to CM of Karnataka Sri. B.S. Yadiyurappa
3) B.K. Padmaji tying Rakhi to Sri. S.R. Vishwanath, M.L.A. Govt of Karnataka
4) B.K. Padmaji along with C.M. B.S. Yadiyurappa and MLA Sri. B.S. Vishwanath

Source: BK Global News Feed

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