Bangalore- 27th & 28th July 2019: Shivani Behen Addresses

Brahma kumaris, Bangalore had organised various sessions as follows:

Session I: B K Class:

Bangalore City Subzone organized a B K Class at Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharnatha Swamiji Kridangana, Govindraj Nagar, Near Hosahalli Metro Station, Bangalore. The chief guest of the program is Sri Sommanna (MLA, Govindarajnagar), Umesh Shetty (Corporator), Sa Ri Ga Ma Vigi (Famous Comedy Actor), S K Anantha(Film Coordinator) who inaugurated the program. They were also felicitated by Sister Shivani and BK Padma Behenji (Sub Zonal Director – Bangalore City). All joined and inaugurated Kannada Avyakta Vani 1969.

The program was a huge success and was attended by 1500 B K’s. Sister Shivani spoke about removing the entire negative and focused on how we must work jointly to transform Kaliyug to Satyug. All the BK’s got lot of inspiration from Sister and promised to transform themselves and create satyug in inner-self.

Session II: Event @ IIMBue:

An Enlightening Talk at Taj Hotel was organised by IIMBue. Many leaders from different part of the world participated in the event.

Session III: Inner Resilience to Outer Agility “½ day Transformational Retreat for Leaders”:

Sister BK Shivani, Bala Kishore (VP Search Software) and Bhanu Prasad (leader @ TCS) was part of the event to guide them. During this ½ day retreat they explored and experimented with a new paradigm of Leadership, a simple yet profound, time-tested concept of awareness that helps to lead from within. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience an impactful session on understanding of the self which can offer great insights into Leadership.

The transformational retreat was well received by 400 leaders. They were benefitted by the serene atmosphere and hospitality of BK Jakkur retreat centre. With Cooperation from BK Family and all the voluteers, the retreat was very successful.

Session IV: The Magic of Inner Calm:

Bangalore City Subzone organized a public program “The Magic of Inner Calm” at one of Bangalore’s biggest auditorium, Gayatri Vihar. The program was attended by dignitaries such as Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Swamiji (Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana math), Ramesh Arvind (Kannada Film Actor), Sri Bhadre Gowda( Deputy Mayor BBMP), G M Kumar (MD, BTV News), Shivaram, Ramesh Bhat (Senior Kannada Film Actors), Smt G Kokila Chandra Shekar (Corporator), Dr Sreeram (Chairman Mallige Group of Medical Institutions) who inaugurated the program and spoke highly about the Brahma Kumaris. They were also felicitated by Sister Shivani, BK Padma Behenji (Sub Zone Head – Bangalore City) and BK Saroja (Sub Zone Head – Kumara Park).

The program was a huge success and was attended by about 6000 souls. Sister Shivani spoke on the importance of keeping calm in times of stress and focused on how we must work jointly to transform Kaliyug to Satyug. She also spoke on the importance of imbibing divine virtues and strengthening one’s inner-self. The audience was spell bound by her speech and one could see Baba’s magic through Sister Shivani as the public applauded her. The audience also received toli and blessing cards on their way out.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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