Launching Ceremony of Projects – God’s Power for Golden Age (A Brahma Kumaris’ Initiative Project for the year 2019-20) & Green India – Clean India on 30th June 2019 @ Rajayoga Bhavan, Gottigere

Every human being is in need of peace, harmony, happiness, health in life and in society. Hence everyone tries to gain this through different efforts and activities in day to day life. However, irrespective of individual, collective and government efforts across the globe, peace, happiness and harmony are drifting away from the society. Human efforts should be in accordance with the God’s Vision and mission to build a world of spiritual and human values. In this regard Brahma Kumaris have taken up initiative program as God’s Power for Golden Age for the year 2019-20. In addition to this, we have planned a massive tree plantation drive under the project Green India Clean India another initiative of Brahma Kumaris.

God’s Power for Golden Age

The present-day world that is dominated by the viciousness of all sorts needs to be cleansed of all this immoral, inhuman impurity. Every human in society accepts that it is theme for a transformation of this world, yet no one has any clear idea as to who will execute such a transformation.

At this critical juncture of human confusion, it is God, the Supreme, who intervenes for the empowerment of the self, & realization of the ultimate truth. It is God’s vision that inspires a man to realize the significance of human and spiritual values in the establishment of the Golden World. In the Golden age, nature is found to be very pious, beautiful & pristine.

All this can be changed only when we accept spiritual grooming in our functioning and thinking & undertake to practice Rajyoga Meditation. It helps to live with harmony and create better and happier, healthier relationships. It is certain that when God, the Supreme Soul has initiated the change, it must be executed by the Global Human Family with the support of the Brahma Kumaris.

Aim and Objectives

  • To reveal the Vision & Mission of Divine Plan for Humanity.
  • To bring an ethical & spiritual approach to global issues by promoting values.
  • To bring people of different faiths together to help create a culture of peace.
  • To provide platforms for dialogue through its international network of centres.

Green India – Clean India Project

Not only are trees essential for life, but as the longest living species on earth, they give us a link between the past, present and future. They are also the best hosts in the world, always ready to serve and give. Now it is our turn to return the hospitality. Let us play our part and adopt a tree today.

We shall be celebrating the Grand Finale of ‘Green India – Clean India’ project by honouring the participants who planted the maximum number of trees under this project during the Global Summit-cum-Expo event to be held from 27 Sept. to 1 Oct., 2019 at World HQs of the Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan, Abu Road (Raj.).

Our Vision – Creating Green Footprints

Our vision is to create awareness among masses about the adverse impact of deforestation on the environment so that we can adopt measures to build a green future for our coming generations by planting more trees and saving Mother Nature.

Our Mission – Planting 2 Lakhs Trees Anually

Our mission is to plant and grow as many trees as possible but at least 2 Lakh trees annually and organize awareness programs, campaigns and rallies to awaken the masses and make everyone contribute towards a healthy environment by making it greener and cleaner.

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