Dobivali “Creating a Miracle – Celebrating Life”

Motivational Talk on : “Creating a Miracle – Celebrating Life”
Doctor’s Programe – 7th July, 2019 from 9.30 am to 12 noon.
Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Dombivli organised special program for doctors on 07th july 2019 at Brahman Sabha hall in Dombivli.
Nearly 150-200 Doctors participated in this program
Program started with 3 Minutes Silence Prabhu Smruti.
Stage Secretary B.K.Sarita gave introduction of Brahma Kumaris organisation and Medical Wing Activities.
Brahma Kumaris Sister B.K. Manisha and B.K.Teja Welcomed Guest with Badge and Tulsi Plant.
B.K. Neeti and B.K. Sarangi did a Welcome Dance.
Main chief guest Dr. B.K.Vijay Khatri (MD – Chest Medicine, Prof. KEM Hospital, Seth G.S. Medical College) gave a Motivational Talk on “Creating a Miracle Celebrating Life”. In his talk he explained how change is a constant thing happening in our life… Gave example of the change in nature and time with Sunrise and Set.. He further elaborated that nature gives so much to us without expecting anything back. Trees don’t eat fruits. Rivers dont drink water. Similarly we doctors should also start thinking of giving maximum to human kind.. He further taught everyone how to think positive in every situation and do not quit till we win.
Rajyogini Shakudidiji (Director of Dombivli Centre) gave blessings to everyone with her powerful Motivational Talks. She said doctors are considered as “Next to GOD”. They are doing such a wonderful thing by serving the patients. But while doing so they should always have a very positive attitude and along with medicines they should also give them good thoughts and vibrations so that their patients get well soon. She further explained them that along with their prescription for medicines and diet they should also write and give them positive thoughts. They should ask their patients along with quitting bad habits they should also quit bad thoughts. & instead inculcate good thoughts… She further said doctors heal physically but GOD is the biggest surgeon who heals internal soul and can create miracles…
Shaku didiji (Director – Brahmakumairs) felicitated by Famous Dr. Tara Naik (MDDGO) Ashwini Maternity & Surgical Hospital, Dr. V.M. Shetty (Consulting Artho and Trauma Surgeon), Bro. BK Keshav Bhoir & Dr. Gayatri Bhoir for her 43 years of Selfless service & Dedication in Dombivli City.
Dr. B.K. Kirtimala (Homoeopath, Rajyoga Teacher) did guided meditation and gave beautiful thoughts and relaxed everyone’s mind which made the surroundings quiet and peaceful.
Dr.Suny Purohit (President of Indian Dental Association) gave good wishes and said this is the first time he is attending such a beautiful program organised by Brahmakumaris & is extremely happy that he took out some time to attend this. He showed his desire to attend conference at Mt Abu.
Dr. Gayatri Kulali (president of N.I.M.A. foundation) also has her good wishes and said she has learnt so many good things from Brahmakumaris.
Dr. Bhavana Thakkar (President of Homeopathy) said she is so much inspired by Shaku Didi’s talks and Brahma Kumaris activities that she saluted Shaku Didiji on behalf of all the doctors.
Below doctors who are in constant connection with Brahmakumaris center were felicitated by Brahma Kumaris for their Selfless Services & Dedictate.
Dr. Vilas Laddha (Chief – Arogya Samitee Akhil Bharatvarshiya Maheshwari Mahasabha) who visit every Thursday & give his selfless service for Brahmakumari student’s, said everyone should give selfless service so that they can gain maximum blessings.
Dr.V. M. shetty (Consulting Artho and Trauma Surgeon) said his whole hospital gets vibration of peace and happiness when any of the Brahmakumari sisters visit his hospital.
Dr.Nikhil Shasane (MD – Homeo Dance Therapy Club India) performed a beautiful Dance Therapy on a old song “Sajan re jhoot mat bolo khuda ke paas jana hai” In which all the audience doctors participated and felt refreshed.
Dr. B.K. Paresha Bhanushali (L.C.E.H.) Since 56 Years in Knowledge) and Dr. B.K. Ravindra Duvvuri (Clinical Nutritionist & Herbal Consultant) were relocated by Shaku didiji for their sewa in Brahmakumaris.
All the doctors present in the stage were felicitated with Shawl, Momento & Toli by Shaku didiji.
Shaku didiji also gave thanks to the hall owner Shri Vasant Bhai Palsule president of Brahman Sabha Hall & felicitated him with Shawl and Momento.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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