Brahma Kumaris Cycle rally cum campaign for Swatch Mann – Swatch Bharat – Swarnim Bharat -day 1/10-flag-off ceremony

  1. Swach Mann – Swach Bharath – Swarnim Bharath:Objective is to create awareness among the people on how to clean their minds and make it powerful. With Clean Mind we can be more happier, healthier & productive in our life. Awareness campaigns focusing on the youth, employees etc. of various organisations.
  2. Techniques to clean the mind, clear the intellect – for this realisation conduct workshops on Rajyoga  meditation at every meditation centres visit on the way.

Why Cycle rally: Awareness on “Choosing cycling for the rally” is as it makes body fit, eco friendly, pollution free, safe roads ,cost effective and saving valuable resources like petrol, diesel, water is important for sustainable eco system. Duration of Rally:  about 11 days.

Distance of travel: about 250 kms to 10 different place in and around Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh Estimated day travel : about 30 kms/ per day.

Flag off ceremony at Rajyoga meditation centre, Railway New Colony by Sis BK Sasikala, Incharge of the local Brahma Kumaris centre for Cycle Rally by Bro. BK Nageswara Rao. Accompanied by another brother BK Ramesh, reached Kurmannapalem(about 25 Kms) BK Centre.  From there went to DAV Public school, 3rd Sector, Ukkunagaram and given message to about 100 children, Jagannadha temple and distributed spiritual message awareness phamplets and given a short talk in public,  accumulated residents of Sardhaar nest near Steel plant and given a seminar or stress free life.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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