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Rules as well as remarks

competition is actually targeted to youthful youn russian maths wizzard.


of the competition is actually to sustain the algebraic scientific researches in the youn russian Federation through


competition is actually coordinated within the structure of both observing Programs:

Disorders of the Stipends

The Jury

The champions of the competitors are actually selected.
due to the Jury absolutely no beyond December 31of the present year. The selection is going to be actually.
based upon a dialogue of the plan due to the Jury, located subsequently on the peer.
testimonials accumulated. The due date to provide the document is actually the 15th of


of the Contest are actually those attendees whose ventures secure the absolute most ballots of


As a policy the variety of victors of the competition is actually

The variety of champions in each of the.
subprograms (applicants or even physicians) are actually certainly not dealt with.

remittance of the gratuities takes place when every 3 months depending on to the

. gratuity for January-March, zero behind April 15;

gratuity for April-June, zero beyond July 15;

gratuity for July-September, absolutely no behind October 15;

gratuity for October-December, absolutely no behind December. 31 of the year in the course of which the gratuity is actually compensated.

The Jury for theContest is actually picked uniquely for this competition and also is actually individual.
coming from any sort of college or even various other organization.

The Jury contains 2 Co-Chairmen, 2.
Vice-Chairmen, one medical assistant and also various specialists. The Jury may be.
bigger by means of a consentaneous selection of its own participants supplied that a minimum of a.
fourth of the Jury appears. To handle technological concerns an assistant.
must be actually employed to perform this work for a wage.

Victor Vassiliev (Co-Chairman)

Yuliy Ilyashenko (Vice-Chairman)

Alexander Shen (medical assistant)

Jury ought to get all the essential files till the 15th of October. The.
competition is actually typically kept in December; the victors begin acquiring their.
gratuities in January of the following year.

1. Rundown — —

Research claim —. just 5 webpages + bibliography (infinite).

4. Listing of

maths wizzard aware of the attendee and/or along with his job and also ready

clinical specialist (optionally available).

7. Replications of

(product 4) might additionally have various other documents.

entire package deal need to appear

The e-mail character along with the document.
should be actually of the unique application showed at the youn russian model of

These opinions are actually certainly not a component of the policies.
of the Contest. Their goal is actually to solution to one of the most recurring inquiries of the.
attendees, to assist in the use procedure.

The Research Statement must contain

1. Previous

2. Research study job.

It need to be actually resolved to a wide variety of.
pros in the business where the candidate operates and also in neighboring areas. The Previous.
need to include strenuous solutions of the end results actually secured; the Research.
ought to additionally consist of one of the most exact formulas accessible of a few of the.
anticipated end results. In the intermediary scenarios (e.g. the end result is actually secured, and also a.
workshop discussion has actually been actually produced, however the end result is actually certainly not posted, or even released.
without evidence, or even allowed for magazine, and so on) the outcome may be inculded in.
any type of area of the job, supplied its own condition is actually explained.

The Summary must include a poll of the.
very same details yet with no solutions. It ought to be actually taken care of to a wide

Potential recommenders, generally, should.
be actually maths wizzard accustomed along with the candidate directly or even understanding his/her.
job. It is actually supposed that the prospective recommenders accepted to assess the.
venture. If needed, the jury system might inquire an individual certainly not in the checklist to become a

It is actually certainly not thought that the request.
package deal consists of reprints of all the released jobs due to the individual. Merely.
documents believed to be vital for task evaluation should be actually provided. (The.
listing of magazines can easily consist of various other documents, as well.) If a reprint is actually certainly not.
on call at that point a copy are going to be good enough. Through authorization of the jury system (talk to at.
pdc AT mccme.ru) some documents may be sent out in digital model simply.

The court anticipates to make use of Internet definitely.
to correspond along with competition individuals, recommenders, and so on. So our company inquire to send out.
all the digital variations of documents just in case they exist or even could be acquired through.
the writer. If a digital model is actually certainly not on call feel free to aspect this out.
clearly (in the listing of magazines or even in a different character). Digital handles.
of possible recommenders are actually necessary.

Please utilize TeX, PostScript or even PDF layouts for all the.
documents in your article. Every digital paper coming from the to-do list over.
need to be actually invested a detached data.

The details regarding the Contest.
are going to be actually dispersed using Internet. The competition web site will definitely have the content of.
all venture conclusions and also checklists of magazines due to the candidates. If you acknowledge.
to post various other details regarding your task (total message of the venture, your.
Curriculum Vitae, text messages of the documents, and so on) satisfy allow our team understand.

There is actually no very clear perimeter in between.
maths as well as its own functions. In spite of this the court is going to mostly determine.
the algebraic accomplishments of the task as well as certainly not its own sensible usefulness.

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