Jagdamba Saraswati Yogathon (Marathon), Pune

Jagdamba Saraswati Yogathon, Pune organized on 23rd June 2019.

We are happy to inform you that 11.5 km mini Marathon Run titled as ‘Mateshwari Saraswati YOGATHON’ in Pune was organised from Jagdamba Bhawan Retreat centre located at Pisoli area of Pune city on Sunday 23rd June 2019. This event was of a special significance as 23rd June 2019 is celebrated as International Olympic Day for promotion of participation of people in the sports all across the world. Additionally, 21st June is declared as International Yoga Day by UN General Assembly. Also, Brahma Kumari Jagdamba Saraswati (popularly known as ‘Mamma’) was the first administrative head of Brahma Kumaris who attained spiritual perfection and left her mortal coil on 24th June 1965 in remembrance of who’s the retreat centre ‘Jagdamba Bhawan’ is serving thousands of individuals since its construction from January 2018.

The objective of this run was to spread the message that empowerment both physically as well as mentally is the need of the hour for holistic fitness of an individual. Around 1300 wide variety of people both national and international excellence related to the world of sports including players, coaches, fitness trainers, sports officials, sports associations and health clubs participated in the run. The run was followed by a short programme to enlightens sportspersons on the relationship between body and soul and the need to revitalise one’s physique through meditation and spiritual practices rather than drugs.

The race commenced with some warm up exercised conducted by BK Jagdeep sing from Mt. Abu, Sports Wing. Below guests graced the occasion with their inspirational words-

  • Umesh Zirpe from Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering
  • Prasad Patil, director of Happy Running Joyful Running
  • Pravin Deshpande, International well-known skater and coach
  • Shri. Patil, Surpanch of Pisoli
  • Shri. Deepak Dhavde, Dy. Surpanch of Pisoli
  • Bhaskar Bhosle, winner of Dronachariya award
  • Kakasaheb Pawar, winner of Arjun award
  • Seniors from Brahma Kumaris

Men and women race started one after other at 6:30am. The route was from retreat centre, Pisoli to NIBM road and return back to retreat centre.  This run had unique characteristic that it was organised entry free for all participants. First three male and female winners were awarded Rs. 21,000; Rs. 15,000 & Rs. 11,000 respectively while all participants were given free T-shirt, Medal, Certificate, Meditation Tips and Breakfast.

The closing programme was conducted in Janak Stadium, an open air Auditorium in the natural beauty of Jagdamba Bhawan having capacity of 3000+ participants. Below dignitaries graced the occasion with their presence on Stage

  • Sambaji Patil from Sakal Newspaper which was media partner of Yogathon
  •    Sukumar Pandit from Godrej Prana, Undri which was Ambassador of Yogathon
  •    Shivgarkar, President of Maharashtra Olympics Association
  •  BK Jagbeer, Sports Wing Coordinator and Psychology trainer from Mt. Abu.
  •    BK Bharat, Social service Wing coordinator from Mt. Abu
  •   BK Mohan, Transport Wing coordinator from Mt. Abu
  • BK Bhanu Prasad, Social service wing member from Mt. Abu
  •  BK Sunanda, Director of Brahma Kumaris, Jagdamba Bhawan, Pune
  • BK Urmila, Director of GPO Sub-zone, Pune
  • Shrikant Sable, reporter from Punya Nagari newspaper.

BK Sunanda, Director of Brahma Kumaris, Jagdamba Bhawan, Pune welcomed all participants and guests and told that the aim of programme is not mere competition. It’s a happy run promoting the message of physical and mental fitness. Running with soul-consciousness and God-consciousness not only lightens he body but also lightens the soul from different bondages and stress.

BK Dashrath, Senior Teacher from Jagdamba Bhawan told that Jagdamba Bhawan is a dream project of the Dadi Janki ji, chief of Brahma Kumaris where all the participants are assembled for Yogathon. Everyone will get medals. However it is important that all participants also become heroes in spirituality.

BK Jagbeer, Sports Wing Coordinator and Psychology Trainer from Mt. Abu. told that in Marathon 25% efforts is based on body power. While up to 75% efforts is both mental and physical power together. Beyond 80% success is dependent on spiritual powers. Rajyoga helps in developing the spiritual powers. Practice it as soon as one wakes up when the sub-conscious mind is most active and receptive.

Mr. Patil, Coordinator from Sakal newspaper told that Spirituality, Yoga and Marathon has indeed made the morning very happy and exciting for all. Jagdamba Bhawan is giving positive energy to all of us.

BK Bharat, Social Service Wing coordinator from Mt. Abu told the importance of positivity for youths.

There was a parallel programme held for the family and friends accompanying the runners who did not participate in the Run. The session was conducted by BK Mohan from Mt. Abu.

First male runner Kiran Matre completed the run in 36 minutes. Second winner Henry Togum, was from Kenya while the third runner was Kishore Jadhav while the 4th and 5th runner ups were Anuj Kumar and Ganesh Jadhva

First female runner was International Runner Swati Gadhave while second and third were Prajakta Godebole and Swati Wanawade. 4th and 5th Runnerups were Stola Kighan from Kenya and Nayan Kiradak from Pune.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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