China (Shanghai):5th UN International yoga day

On the occasion of 5th UN International yoga Day, a grand celebration was organized by the authorities in shanghai.

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Special guests:
Consul General of India in Shanghai, President of the World Cultural Congress, President of the International Alliance of Yoga “One World- One sutra”, Consul General of Venezuela, Consul General of Costa Rica, Consul General of Sri Lanka, Consul General of Japan, Consul of Israel, Consul General of Turkey, Sister Sapna from Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University, Former Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of All-China Journalists Association, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Centre of Indian Studies, Fudan University were present as special guests on this occasion.
Guided meditation:
Brahmakumaris were invited to conduct meditation/ dhyana as part of yoga protocol, wherein sister Sapna conducted guided meditation which was well received by the participants.
Award ceremony:
Yoga community teachers award for work of Transforming individuals to their Inner Harmony and peace was also presented to Sister Sapna on this occasion by the President of World cultural congress in China.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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