Alvida Diabetes Event @ Wanawadi, Pune on 01&02 June – A Report

Diabetes can be cured or controlled by reversing the insulin resistance through the holistic healthcare approach – Dr. Malhar Deshpande

Brahma Kumaris, Wanawadi branch organized a two-full day event, a subject much needed of today’s time – Alvida Diabetes (goodbye diabetes), an awareness and education camp on diabetes. The event was organized at Mahatma Phule Sanskrutik Bhavan on 1st and 2nd June from 10 AM to 6 PM

Program started with welcome dance and deep prajwalan by all distinguished guests

Distinguished guests from politics and healthcare sector.

  1. Prashant Dada jagtap – Ex-Mayor and present corporator wanawadi
  2. Kalinda Punde – Corporator, Wanawadi
  3. Sundeep Dutta – Marketing head, Jehangir Hospital
  4. Malhar Deshpande – Director, Divine Vision Eye Care and key note speaker (Alvida Diabetes)
  5. Ujjawal Kapadnis – Director, Arogya Sampada hospital and key note speaker (Alvida Diabetes)
  6. BK Sister Deepika, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Wanawadi Branch

Sister Prachi Maharshi performed welcome dance

Lamp is lightened by the guests of the event as symbol for invoking divine energy for the success of the program.

Prashant Dada Jagtap: In his inauguration speech, Prashant Dada said, Brahma Kumaris are doing exceptional selfless service to the mankind even governments and political people are not able to achieve. Govt. tries to fill the materialistic needs of common man by various welfare schemes. But still people are not satisfied. Brahma kumaris are trying to bring awareness on overall health. physical, mental and social wellbeing. He said he has been associated with this organization and has been observing the services since long time. He mentioned some of the services of Brahma Kumaris like vyasan mukti shivir, current diabetes shivir, stress management courses etc..  He is always ready to extend his help for any of the services Brahma Kumaris are doing.

Sundeep Datta:  in his speech Sandeep mentioned that, he himself is a diabetic and was unaware about it for a long time. He requested audience to do a diabetic checkup once every 6 months. He also mentioned that his hospital (Jehangir hospital) has free treatment for the children born with diabetes.

Kalinda Punde: She conveyed good wishes for the success of the program

Dr. Malhar Deshpande (Key note speaker): Diabetes complications are increasing day by day. He said sugar-oriented treatment for diabetes does control but it does not cure diabetes. He said we can cure diabetes by reversing the insulin resistance. We can see the change in just 5 days if the person follows the diet, exercise and meditation which is going to be taught during the two days.

He mentioned Prediabetes stage too is as dangerous as diabetes stage. In the two days sessions, audience will learn how to control and manage diabetes with simple exercises, diet and meditation practice.

Dr. Ujjwal Kapadnis: India is going to become the world capital for diabetes. Mostly in urban area population diabetes is very fast-growing disease. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. He mentioned about the unique musical exercise designed by them which is the combination of aerobics, yoga Asana, stretching and acupressure along with music. For 2 years it is being practiced by 1000s and seen amazing results on health improvement. This session is not only on diabetes cure but also covers cure of hypertension, heart disease, paralysis, obesity and cancer.

Vote of thanks was given by Sister Deepika, Director, wanawadi branch

Above two doctors took sessions are various topics: complications of diabetes, burden of diabetes, Holistic healthcare approach for diabetes. Musical exercise was introduced to the audience. All participants enjoyed the unique way of doing exercise.

Lunch and tea was served at the venue by organizers.

Few photos and videos are attached to catch a glimpse of the event.


Source: BK Global News Feed

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