Russia Visit of Raghvendra Bhai, Mahesh Bhai & Rajesh Bhai of Madhuban

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Three surrendered brothers from Madhuban arrived to Russia in the mid of May when local nature comes into full growth after a long winter. Participation in V-Day, the day of international celebration of victory over all enemies, immediately followed warm welcome by Didi Santosh and divine family in St.Petersburg. Being acquainted every day with services provided by Brahma Kumaris in Russia all brothers also travelled across most famous parks and museums of this beautiful city. Meetings with BK family included special bhatti and chit-chat with all BK brothers and also participation in Divine birthday celebration ceremony for BKs who took their spiritual birth in May of all years. Sharing of spiritual experience by brothers Mahesh, Raghvendra and Rajesh drew three leading lines – which special experience from senior teachers of Madhuban showed them the way for their fast spiritual progress. 12 May was also the special memory day of respected Bro. Jagdish ji. Bro. Mahesh shared new details of services he performed in those years under the guidance of Bro. Jagdish.

In Sochi town brothers Mahesh, Raghuwendra and Rajesh utilized almost all specialities of that wonderful resort place. But memorable was their public meeting with local people on 15 May on the topic of influence of thoughts on health and nature. 28 people come on the programme and few then came for beginning course. Rest time they climbed the mountains being welcomed by tourists and habitants, conducted meditation in Baba’s house and sea embankment, had meetings with BK sisters and brothers from big Krasnodar region of Russia.Brothers also visited Ryazan (on 17th May 19), an historical city of Central Russia. They had a tour around the city. City’s ancient fortress, simplicity of people and the local government and such like, touched the hearts of the guests from India.

Brahma Kumaris in Ryazan organized a public event on the theme “Harmony in the relationships”. It was conducted in the form of an interview. Brothers made their valuable contribution by answering to the questions from the audience. They gave practical advices about how to maintain good wishes and pure feelings, and how to accept every one. Further, they also shared their experience to the question about how to maintain stability of mind and elevated stage of soul.

They had reached Moscow on 18th May 19. Didi Sudha & Bro. Vijay welcomed them. With a big heart they shared the spiritual treasure of experience being surrendered kumars. With their spiritual love they came close to Dadi Ji, Dadi Janki and family. And with their simplicity and dedication to the Yagya service they have been successful in the Brahmin life. While sharing Madhuban life they enabled the divine family merge in the loving feeling of Madhuban. Their sincerity in the efforts to glorify Baba and their commitment to implement Baba’s signals were clearly visible through their faces and divine behaviour.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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