Dadiji Janki’s divine meeting with Texas BK family at the Houston center.

Forty four years after numerous visits to Texas, Dadiji returned again to meet over 300 Brahmins at a divine family gathering at the Houston Center in Texas, USA. Dadiji cut a cake with a representative of each of the four Texas centers, and shared a lot of love with the whole gathering. Seeing the huge gathering of so many mothers and kumaris, Dadiji was surprised and asked Dr Hansaben where she had hidden so many sisters! At the end of the program, Dadiji gave everyone toli and blessings.
On the day of the Satguru, Dadiji did Bhumi puja (groundbreaking) where a BK couple is building Baba’s Guest House across the street from Houston Center.

Dadiji had a personal meeting with Sindhi Brahmins who flew over from various parts of Texas just to meet Dadiji. Dadiji also had a personal meeting with a group of brothers and sisters from Dallas and neighboring states.
Dadiji was reminded of how she was tested by neuroscientists in Texas in 1978 and received the title of “Most stable mind in the world”.
Dadiji visited a family’s home near the center with 4 acres of gardens and dancing peacocks.
Dadiji went on a tour of the center and was just amazed at how beautiful and wonderful everything is, singing praise of Baba.
Dadiji said, “Let the whole universe know where I am sitting today. Wah Baba, Wah Baba, you have done a wonder”
“Each and every thing is giving the experience of Madhuban. Baba, I am going to sit here only, I am not going anywhere”
“Karavanhar is Baba, karnewali is you (Dr Hansaben). This place is royal and real. Everything is accurate.”
“It is a wonder. If what is created is so beautiful, then how beautiful the Creator Himself would be?”
Dadiji said, “Why did you not tell me before? This is the magical act of God {Prabhu ki Leela}.”
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Source: BK Global News Feed

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