AMMA (MAA) CD Release on World Mother’s Day in Chennai

 On the 12th May 2019, World Mother’s Day, this Album got released at Baba’s canopy Sunguvar Chatiram. I am feeling very much blessed to have released the album “Amma (Maa)” at SVC. Thanks to Babpdada, all Sisters & Brothers. 

I had the blessed opportunity to have presented “Thaayai Paada” Song (Tamizh Version) from this Album in front of the Legend Isaignani ILayaraja Sir. (LEADING MUSIC DIRECTOR OF SOUTH INDIA)

Senior Sister Rajyogini BK Kalavathi Behnji, Head & in-charge Rajyogini BK Beenu Sister, Ashok-Nagar Centre in-charge Rajyogini BK Devi Sister, Nungambakkam Centre in-charge Rajyogini BK Chitra Sister, Tamizhga Vaazhvurimai Katchi President & Ex MLA Mr. T. Velmurugan, Chief & Senior Editor of Makkal Kural Mr. Ramji, Lyricist & Journalist Mr. Ramesh Vaidya (Lyricist for Thaayai Paada – Amma Album), Director Mr. Bhaskar Sakthi & BK R. Sankerganesh, owner of JSJ Audio released this Album on 12th May 2019, World Mother’s Day, evening around 7 PM @ SVC.

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Source: BK Global News Feed

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