BRAHMAKUMARIS centre, Barabanki organised a one-day camp at well known School of the City Pioneer MONTESSORI INTER College, Lakhpedabagh ,Barabanki to guide people how to lead a tension free and Happy Life on 3rd May,2019

Camp was conducted by Rajyogini Bk Jyotika Didi ,Bk Anuradha Didi & Bk Preeti Didi where Brahmakumar Dr S Kumar Bhai was attended by a large number of members of Central Reserve Police Force ,Teachers & Principal of the Pioneer school and benefitted by the guidance of Dr S Kumar.

Dr Kumar gave, in his lecture, valuable tips to lead a happy and tension free life. Dr Kumar is giving his services to PRAJAPITA BRAHMAKUMARIS ISHWARIYA VISHVAVIDYALYA at MOUNT ABU. He is Textile Engineer and worked at Nigeria for 27 years. On return, he qualified as a Medical Doctor and practised in medical profession and Ayurveda also. He mastered Raj Yoga. He is a qualified helicopter pilot and worked in many films. He is a Rajyogi and travelled 11 countries and benefitted people with DIVINE teachings. RAJYOGINI BK JYOTIKA Didi, BK Anuradha Didi and BK Preeti Didi also accompanied BK Brother Dr. Kumar during his visit to Barabanki.


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Source: BK Global News Feed

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