Mumbai-Borivali: Annual Celebrations of Prabhu Upvan & Samarpan Samaroh

Annual Celebrations of Prabhu Upvan & Samarpan Samaroh
1st May 2019
Brahma Kumaris Centre at Borivali(E) –  “Prabhu Upvan” , completed 15 years of rendering spiritual services. A celebration event was organized to commemorate this successful journey. 

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BK Kiran behn completed 13 years of her surrendered life at Brahma Kumaris.  Her remarkable journey was also celebrated as a Samarpan Samaroh.
Event began with spiritual discourse by BK Santosh behn (Zone Incharge, Maharastra & Andhra Pradesh) . Leading towards How to live a balanced Rajyogi life, she shared her experiences and guidance with audience.
Santosh behn extended her blessings to Kiran behn. Appraising parents  of Kiran behn, she said , “It needs courage and true devotion towards God to devote one’s daughter to Godly Services.”
Along with senior teachers of Borivali Subzone, BK Divyaprabha behn (Subzone Incharge, Borivali) was present on the stage. All conveyed their warm wishes to Kiran behn and her family.
As a cultural part of the event, Japanese dance was performed by the students of Thakur Village centre and another group dance by the students of Dahisar(West) centre.
Around, 1200 brothers and sisters of BK family gave their valuable presence in the event.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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