Malad: Collective Meditation for International Yog was kept on 17th March

Collective Meditation for International Yog was kept on 17th March in Liberty Garden, Malad for complete Borivali Subzone. All the preparation for the programme was done by BK Kunti behen, Director of Malad centers. Following were the guests who were part of this meditation programme:


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1. BK Divya behen, Borivali Subzone incharge
2. Kinsukh Vaidya, TV Actor
3. Nitin Goswami, TV & Film Actor
4. Prachi Thakker, TV Actor

BK Divya behen in her class mentioned as how we can make our stage avyakt like Brahma Baba. We should be having good wishes for all very naturally. And also there should be no merapan in our mind and this gets reflected in our words also. Some of babas children would tell that pls come to Babas home , pls. sit in Babas car…etc….though it will be their own home & car. But few of them will say pls. come to my home ..sit in MY car…..which shows the merapan they have.
Once we are away frome me & mine…..we can have avyakt stage like Brahma baba…and then whatever we think should happen……will definitely happen.

In the end after the meditation programme all the guests (TV Actors) shared their experience of Meditation and they said though they meditated for 1 hour, but did not come to know how the time passed.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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