‘Happiness is our Choice and Not an occurrence by Chance’- “Sister BK Shivani”

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A Special Program for Invitees- ‘Password for Happy Living’ on 23rd Feb 2019 at Karnataka State Open University( KSOU) Convocation Hall, Mysore.

“Password For Happy Living” by ‘Sister BK Shivani’-‘We are born to be happy always. Happiness is in our thought process and not in acquisitions. The more we let go of our negative tendencies like anger and  jealousy  happier we would be. For this to happen we must be watchful of the thoughts that we ourselves create’, said sister BK Shivani, TV icon and motivational speaker of international repute in Mysore.

She said that we are under the influence of our acquired sanskars which we have obtained from our birth, our parents, the environment and the habits. These sanskars have led us to believe that there is more sorrow than happiness in our individual lives. Since we have forgotten our original sanskars of Purity, Peace, Knowledge, Happiness, Love, Bliss and Powers we are unable to experience happiness every moment. If we can awaken these sanskars through the power of meditation, we can easily overcome the hurdles and barriers and be in a state of bliss always. Therefore, to awaken ourselves to this realty, we must learn Raj Yoga Meditation technique taught at Brahma Kumari Centres.

Sister Shivani also said that watching the quality of our thoughts for one minute every hour is a habit when practiced would give reins to keep in check negative and wasteful thoughts. This process would slow down the pace of thinking and create space for silence. Thinking too much is a habit to be shunned as it is the culprit for not earning happy moments.

The program was inaugurated by BK Karuna Bhai, Chairperson of Media Wing, Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu. In his inaugural address brother Karunaji pleaded that for Kaliyuga to give way to Satya Yuga, the mindset of people should reflect pure, positive and powerful thoughts. For this to happen, God himself has arrived in Bharat to educate the humanity which will facilitate the needed change to occur in the minds of the people first. This change will manifest itself in the Nature later and the world in general.

Dr.B.Basavaraj, Transport Secretary of Govt of Karnataka was the Chief guest in the inaugural session. He said that he has been influenced by the teachings of Brahma Kumaris since many years. By bringing these teachings in practice, it has been possible for him to be calm under all circumstances.

Dr.M.R.Ravi, Commissioner of Textiles, Govt of Karnataka, attended the program as the Guest of Honor. He recalled his visit to Mount Abu recently and said that good practices in life can bring good results. Some times when we are encountered with challenging situations, a cool attitude will bring the desired change in the outcome.

Prof. G.Hemantha Kumar, Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore appreciated the role of institutions such as Brahma Kumaris in creating a better society. He said that he has been observing the activities of the organization since a long time and has a great regard for the sisters who are running the institution ably. He expressed his intention of bringing the teachings of Brahma Kumaris into the lives of Youth which will go a long way in harnessing the power of youth in activities of construction.

Dr.BK Mohit Gupta, Professor of Cardiac Surgery in GB Pant Hospital, Delhi greeted the delegates and congratulated them for the interest shown by them in participating in this special program. He urged them to learn Raj Yoga meditation so that a happy living can be a reality come true for them.

Sister BK Lakshmiji, Chief Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris, Mysore Sub Zone, thanked the guests of the inaugural program and gave away gifts and mementos to them.

Source: BK Global News Feed

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