Mumbai-Borivali – Seminar for IT Professionals

News Report of ‘Debugging the Mind’
A beautiful Sunday morning, & an equally wonderful seminar ‘ Debugging the Mind’ took place exclusively for IT professionals at the Prabhu Upvan Rajyoga Centre in Borivali (East),
Mumbai Starting with a short skit highlighting the issues facing the IT industry in a very light manner,
followed by a wonderful keynote Speech by the main dynamic speaker Brijesh Chawda
(Senior Manager, Education Department, Infosys Ltd)
Here’s the synopsis of the keynote address:
1. The mind is facing many bugs today (inefficient decisions, loss of memory, thinking patterns which harm us & others, etc)… Hence, let’s proceed to de-bug the mind!
2. The mind is like our operating system ; consisting of conscious, sun-conscious & perceived layers… And wherever our thought energy goes & flows, things grow
3. Hence, the 1st important tool to debug the mind is to practice few moments of silence , in
particular during transitions (leaving home for office, traffic jams, etc)… So that we use this time for strengthening the mind rather than waste patterns (e.x., being judgemental, aimlessly checking social media, etc)
4. Today, the variable ‘I’ has got associated with how others perceive me, ego, etc… But
originally, it’s completely error-free, pure & divine… Full of peace, love & joy!
5. Although we & others around may go through ups & downs, God is the Supreme Witness
(or companion!)… Whose code is perfect, super-fast & available on run-time (i.e., always
available!)… Hence, remembering Him & experiencing His presence makes us also full of the experience of divine virtues & powers!
This was followed by experiences by Advocate Amit Mehta (Managing Partner of Law Firm ‘Solicis Lex’) and Dr. Suresh Shan (Chief Technology Officer, Mahindra Finance)
The entire event was very very well hosted by BK Srinidhi, who came all the way from Mt.
Abu specifically for this event.. Very warm, accommodating & organized; very professionally
A wonderful interactive Q&A session followed, with the panelists bring Brijesh & BK
Divyaprabha (Sub-Zone Incharge, North Mumbai Centres).
The summary of the Q&A is as under:
1. IT sector’s become stressful, less due to work, but more due to complexity in interactions,
hence need to simplify, listen more, & be genuine … Stress is also due to comparison &
competition, hence let’s recognize & respect our uniqueness to remain content
2. To prevent energy getting drained out through the day, it’s very important to use the natural breaks we get during the day… To relax, and recharge (by connecting to the Supreme for few seconds) & we’ll be rejuvenated! … Hence, automatically enhancing our quality of subsequent interactions
3. Work-life balance is important, for that:
a) Need to start the day with few minutes of silence (rather than hurry!)
b) Positive affirmations to the mind (e.x., I’ll peacefully enter office at 10 o clock) works
wonders, since the brain & body is like an excellent biological clock
c) Yes we’ve lots of tasks to do today, but we can easily achieve very high efficiency by
silencing the mind through meditation , lack of other waste thoughts, concentrating on the
task at hand, etc
4. Meditation just requires a bit of practice … Which becomes very easy with just a little bit
of Interest!… You can come to learn meditation anytime at nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre!
5. Rather than putting in too much information, let’s start implementing the goodness we
know… This quickly starts giving good results, & we keep progressing!
6. Along with meditation , Spirituality also provides us with spiritual knowledge which solves
numerous issues (including fear)… When we’re truthful, dedicated & do right work, we’ve no
fear… It’s only different types of dishonesty, manipulation, etc which create fear.
To conclude, BK Sister Kavita facilitated a very innovative live poll , where the audience
explored the impact of over-use of technology on daily life, & their take-away resolutions from the program.. In particular, everyone unanimously concluded they’ll give 15 minutes of time daily for practicing meditation!

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